Metea of Gorgothica

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Age (Gender): 23 (F)
Homeland: Corinthia
Caste (Trait): Warrior (Veteran)
Caste Story: Glorious Battle
Archetype: Barbarian
Nature/Education: Wrathful / Professional Soldiering
War Story: Sacked a City
Social Standing: 1
Renown: 0

Appearance: A woman clearly used to the bloody work of bringing lives to a violent end. Feminine curves have been hardened by tigerish muscles rippling underneath her scars, as well as the carefully contained fury of a warrior. She keeps her long black hair in a cascade of braids, each of them held together with threads and bands of copper, and capped at the end by a small serpent's head cast in bronze. This is the telltale sign that immediately marks her as a warrior-woman from Gorgothica. When marching into battle she will paint red around her eyes to give herself a fearsome appearance and bring herself closer to the dreaded Gorgonae.
Personality: Metea has the straightforward approach of a soldier. She kills, drinks wine, and shares the bed with those weaker and younger than her (love is a fable cooked up by poets, there is only lust and domination). She is somewhat naïve in things like politics and intrigue. Her casual attitude towards violence should not be mistaken for wanton cruelty. She doesn't kill simply for the joy of it. But when she must fight, she will do so without hesitation, mercy, or other weakness.
Languages: Corinthian, Argossean

XP: 0
Fortune Points: 3


  • Although far from home, the Gorgonae are with me and bloodshed is my offering to them.
  • Everything men can do, women can do at least as well.
  • To the victor go the spoils!


Bonus Damage: Ranged +0 | Melee +3 | Presence +0


  • Dory (Spear): Reach 3, Grip 1H, Size U, Damage 7D, Qualities (Piercing 1)
  • Xiphos (Shortsword): Reach 1, Grip 1H, Size 1H, Damage 7D, Qualities (Parrying)
  • Aspis (Tower Shield): Reach 2, Grip 1H, Size U, Damage 5D, Qualities (Knockdown, Shield 4)

Weapon Qualities

  • Parrying: When wielding one or more weapons with this Quality, the Doom cost of making a Defend or Protect Reaction with the Parry skill is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0.
  • Piercing: This attack ignores X points of the target's total Soak for each Effect rolled.
  • Shield: A shield counts as having the Parrying Quality. A shield also allows the wielder to use the Parry skill to make Defend Reactions against ranged attacks in addition to Melee attacks. Further if the Wielder has Guard, a shield grants the wielder X CD Cover Soak against Melee and Ranged attacks. Finally, shields may be sacrificed in order to avoid suffering a Wound.

Stress & Harm
Vigor: 14/14 | Wounds: 0
Resolve: 9/9 | Trauma: 0

Courage Soak: 0
Armor Soak (Brigandine Suit): Head 2, Right Arm 2, Left Arm 2, Torso 2, Right Leg 2, Left Leg 2
Armor Soak (Full Plate Armor): Head 4, Right Arm 4, Left Arm 4, Torso 4, Right Leg 4, Left Leg 4


Agility: 10

  • Acrobatics: 1/1
  • Melee: 5/5
  • Stealth: 1/1

Awareness: 8

  • Insight:
  • Observation: 1/1
  • Survival: 1/1
  • Thievery: 1/1

Brawn: 12

  • Athletics: 1/1
  • Resistance: 2/2

Coordination: 10

  • Parry: 4/4
  • Ranged Weapons: 1/1
  • Sailing:

Intelligence: 7

  • Alchemy:
  • Craft:
  • Healing: 1/1
  • Linguistics:
  • Lore: 1/1
  • Warfare: 1/1

Personality: 7

  • Animal Handling: 1/1
  • Command: 1/1
  • Counsel:
  • Persuade:
  • Society:

Willpower: 8

  • Discipline: 1/1
  • Sorcery:


  • Strife (Corinthia): Each day when in your homeland, you can make a free Simple (D0) Lore test. Each point of Momentum gives you a general idea as to whether there will be a major disturbance that day. While matters can take a turn at any point (and this doesn’t account for the actions of you or your allies) this test should provide accurate — if nonspecific — information about the general feel of the region.
  • Sentry (Warrior Caste): So long as you have had a total of four hours of sleep within the last two days (either one four-hour stretch or multiple short rests), you suffer no penalties for sleep deprivation when making Observation tests.
  • Subject (Warrior Caste): Whenever you pay Upkeep within your homeland, you can reduce the amount of Gold the Upkeep costs by one.
  • No Mercy (Melee Tier 1): When making a Melee attack, you may re-roll a number of damage dice equal to the total number of Melee talents (and ranks in those talents) you have acquired, if desired. You must accept the results of the re-rolls.
  • Deflection (Parry Rank 1): When making a Defend Reaction using the Parry skill, you can reduce the number of points added to Doom by 1, to a minimum of 0. This stacks with the weapon’s Parrying Quality.
  • Deft Blade (Melee Tier 2): Whenever you make a Melee attack, any Momentum spent or points added to Doom to add bonus d20s to the Melee test adds two dice instead of one.
  • Blood on Steel (Melee Tier 2): When rolling for damage with a Melee attack, you may spend one Momentum in order to add the Vicious 1 Quality to the weapon, or increase the weapon’s Vicious Quality by 1 if it already possesses the Quality.


Gold: 7 | Upkeep: 4
Encumbrance: 18

  • Spear (2)
  • Shortsword freshly forged and tested true (1)
  • Tower Shield (3)
  • Brigandine Suit (5)
  • Full Plate Armor (7)
  • An arm-ring like a coiled serpent, made of silver (0)
  • A scarlet cloak (0)

Character Story[edit]

Within the furthest northern region of Corinthia lies Gorgothica, a nation-state both civilized and savage. Their warriors are women who channel the fierce deadliness of the Gorgonae, serpent-haired monstrosities who are worshipped here as patron spirits of war. They paint their fearsome visages on their great round shields and charge into battle with a song of death on their lips.

Metea was an exemplary soldier born to a proud family of warriors. From a young age she was taught only of the qualities an ideal Gorgothican warrior should have: she was ferocious, deadly, and disdained to learn any skills best left to commoners and slaves. (Many soldiers supplement their income in peacetime with less martial pursuits.) She proved herself many times over in battle, especially so in the sacking of a small city which was unable to pay its yearly tribute. Metea found that a thirst for blood mixed very well indeed with a thirst for wine and gold. She took up the life of a mercenary and made her blood-spattered way to Argos.


Character Questions[edit]

  • Corinthia, surrounded by Nemedia, Brythunia, Zamora, Koth, and Ophir, has ever-shifting borders from warfare and tension with its neighboring kingdoms. Mercenary opportunities are abundant as its four city-states (Magyar, Stregos, Krotoa, and Gorgothica) keep the more aggressive invaders at bay.

There was no mercenary need for you to make the long journey south and west through Nemedia and Ophir to the coast of Argos, Metea. Yet the trail is soaked with blood. What lured you to the shining waters of the Western Ocean, an expanse of water you'd only heard rumor of in your youth?

At the height of her career as a soldier, Metea took part in sacking a smaller trading city which was unable to pay its protection money. Or more likely just unwilling, because when the Gorgothican troops swarmed inside the villas of the merchants and rulers she found plenty of riches. She saw a lot of things unfamiliar to her which had come from afar. Silken garments, jewelry inlaid with pearls and coral, exotic spices, coins with strange shapes and imprints. It hit home just how narrow her world had been so far.

And when most of he spoils went on to the general and her clique of besties, it also hit home that she really ought to earn something more than just glory and scraps. Oh she was well praised and compensated, make no mistake, but her shares of both paled in comparison to what she deserved (in her opinion anyway).

So off we go to Argos! In many ways the crossroads of the world, where she'd be able to see much more wonderful things.

  • The spear you wield. What is its tale? Is it a family heirloom, fashioned by you after your first kill, or taken from the corpse of a foe? Perhaps a lover or a captain gifted it to you?

It was a gift from her parents upon reaching adulthood, both to encourage and enable her path as a warrior. It's not an ancient heirloom, it was at the time freshly forged and commissioned for the event. But it is of good, practical quality, its design having proven itself many times over in battle.

The same goes for the armor and shield, really. I imagine her somewhat as a hoplite, except updated to contemporary materials and armor-crafting techniques. It'll cover a bit more but you can still discern the stylistic elements. She won't actually wear this armor all the time though. Only when really marching into battle. Her lighter brigandine can suffice in many situations.