Microscope RPG--Rise and Fall of an Empire: Event: The Landing

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Event: The Landing[edit]

Tone: Light


5 ships -- Father Krespis, Onora, Brightsail*, Lady Windward*, and Piraginta Descreplis -- land on the shores of Torren, the largest island in the Southern Reach. They are packed with a total of perhaps 300 refugees from Ullepra, a multi-island kingdom based in the Great Reach. They are a splinter religious sect, followers of the martyred (as they see it) Father Krespis, who gave his name to the flagship of their rag-tag fleet of ships. When they land on Torren, they begin to build their own settlement not far from Port Rossa, the largest city on the politically splintered island of Torren. At this time, Port Rossa is engaged in a brutal war with the League of Hellen, an alliance of several smaller cities on Torren and a few neighboring islands, who are attempting to break Port Rossa's grasp on the fertile agricultural lands and fishing rights in its area. Badly outnumbered, Port Rossa has no time to worry about the refugees, who are industrious and willing to trade their knowledge of more advanced metalcraft techniques known in Ullepra for Port Rossa's abundant food supplies.

(*Translated names, obviously. If you want to 'normalize' my naming on either Englishisms or all non-English words we can do that, but mixing them doesn't bother me much.)

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