Microscope RPG--Rise and Fall of an Empire: Period: Beginning Bookend

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Period: Beginning Bookend[edit]

Tone: Dark.

"Religious refugees fleeing their homeland settle in a small city struggling for independence."

Some ideas from Jarite:

  1. The religion advocates the extermination or forced conversion of unbelievers - the city-state is soon taken over, giving an almost-beaten ideology a new lease on life.
  2. The small city's culture is going to be made much more "evil" by the religious refugees - perhaps they are more sexist, more oppressive (feudal oppression, economic oppression, or some other sort).
  3. The small city are the 'bad guys' relative to the forces they fight for independence against. Possibilities include a noble class wanting to retain rights over it's people, that the city-state is rebelling for a reason unconvincing from our perspective (refusing to accept a female ruler?) etc.
  4. We simply emphasize how hard it is for refugees starting over in a new land. The city-dwellers discriminate against them to a severe degree, making it worse.
  5. Unknown to the inhabitants, who are full of hope, a natural disaster is coming sufficiently bad that the refugees would have been better off as refugees.

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