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Kevin and I currently have a bluebook going in which Durgaz is attempting to use his Seer Sight to determine exactly what Zal'Kazzir was up to during the day and a half that we left him behind in the Spire. To do this, he needs something that Zal had on him at the time, and Zal has evidently taken great pains to secure all of his possessions (which, obviously, means he has something to hide.)


First a hyperlink to that SEER vision. This if for ANDREW and myself ONLY. Bill, please do not use this link. Midnight RPG - Chapter 19.666

I want to note some VERY important OUT-of-game things here.

  • the Elf maiden that you finally found to help you do this came back to report HER perception of what Zal'Kazzir's pack looked like (ie. wrapped tightly, not throwing away anything), two things on that:
    • she could be misinterpretting Zal'Kazzir's "human" ways
    • Durgaz rolled poorly on his diplomacy to get someone to do this for him
  • another reminder point... I feel it important to remind you all that I tend to "slant" things in the favor of 'the shadow' (ie. inciting paranoia at any turn) because that's the kind of world you live in. Remember everything I say (as GM) isn't necessarily the gospel "truth", it's just YOUR character's (or another's) perception on the world. Then again, I'm also NOT discounting what conclusion you came too... maybe Adam DID tell me that Zal would be on guard for this... I'm not saying either way, I'm leaving it to you... hehe... One thing I'd suggest as an OOG thing - to truly defeat the shadow and become heroes, if not friends, you have to trust in hope. Sometime you need to stop doubting Zal and give him benefit of doubt - the Shadow WANTS you to have infighting. This is why the Shadow minions, legates, orcs, and even the Night Kings are so political. However... AGAIN, I'm not saying that time is now - I'm just reminding you as GM about some general ideas. hehe

Re - (Andrew): Sure, entirely understood. To be fair, though, when Zal's unlikely to start getting the benefit of the doubt until he earns it. As long as he continues putting himself and others at risk through his own dangerous cocktail of arrogance, ignorance and short-sightedness, we'd be fools not to be wary of him, especially in cases such as this one. Durgaz won't come to any conclusions one way or another about the elf's inability to bring him something. Maybe Zal hid stuff on purpose, maybe not -- and if he did, who could blame him, as Durgaz does the same thing. Whether he did or not isn't the issue; what he did while he was in the Spire is the issue. And if there's nothing dangerous there either, then no problem.


I can, however, think of one thing he had on him at the time that any of us should have easy access to. When Zal and Eranon went downstairs on their scouting mission, they each took one of the Invisibility to Fell charms. Zal would have had his the whole time. The question is: Who had Zal's charm during the final battle with Vrolk? I think Eranon had one of them; if we were expecting to encounter Fell, it's entirely possible that Durgaz had the other, since we had in the past been giving him one in order to benefit from the combat bonuses. But I genuinely don't remember.

The followup question is: If Durgaz didn't have it, who did? If Kyuad had it, would Kyuad give it to Durgaz if he asked? If Zal had it the whole time, would Kyuad be willing to get it from him, and then deliver it to Durgaz, if Durgaz asked?


So, first of all, if anyone remembers the whereabouts of both the Invisibility to Fell charms _after_ Zal rejoined the group, that would help a lot. If nobody remembers anything specific, we'll assume that Zal kept it.


Good idea.

I'll post on the Yahoo Group asking about this. I'll keep it on the down-low in the way I ask. Here's the LINK to the Yahoo Group for this question. I'll also call and ask Adam if not answered by tonight.

Once Adam replies, someone (Bill) might suggest (on the Yahoo Group out-of-character) that Zal and Kyuad give them back to Durgaz and Eranon. This way asking OOC won't TIP Adam off so much. Sorry - but we have to ask about who has them to be fair to Adam. There's no other way without cheating Adam, and I won't do that to any player without having a chance for them to say no or turn something down. The best way I tend to do this is ask it in a question that get's the answer BEFORE revealing the purpose I asked. Hence the Yahoo post.


here's what I propose: Kevin could just print out whatever information Durgaz would glean from Seer Sighting the thing, and have it handy before game. Bill could ask Adam, in character, to let him see the charm. Assuming Adam gives it to him, and assuming Kyuad agreed to help Durgaz, we could then assume that Kyuad gave the charm to Durgaz, Durgaz examined it, and Kevin could surreptitiously slip me the printout.

Does that seem fair?


Yes. Except for the fact that I don't want to work on something that we might not potentially get/need.

I threw out the question on the Yahoo group and tried to keep it cryptic. I want it determine BEFORE the game. Sorry, I have loads to do and want to get it hammered out early. This is why I like/appreciate folks doing this stuff earlier in the week prior than later.

It's cool though - we'll get it straight.

Re - (Andrew): Sorry, I had thought this was already written. Obviously I don't expect you to do elaborate writeups of stuff that might or might now ever be used in game. Since the majority of what Zal did took place during the week and was presumably acomplished at least partially through bluebooking, I was assuming that you could just cut and paste the relevant sections. It's less of an issue now that we have a more foolproof way of getting that Seer Sight done, though.


My memory on the charm situation is fuzzy. I definitely remember being pretty excited to use the scythe against the fell ogres during the battle with Vrolk, and I can't imagine Kyuad being willing to stand in front of an ogre without one of those charms. I'm pretty sure Kyuad still has it, too, and it's entirely possible that it's the charm that Zal had (but it might have been the one the legate had instead).

Regardless, Kyuad would offer it to Durgaz, at least so Durgaz can find out if Zal had it.

I hope that works for you without too much hassle.

Re - (Andrew): OK, Adam has clarified that there are actually three Invisibility to Fell charms in existence, one of which he got in the Spire. He says he kept that one, and handed off the one he already had to someone else before the fight. Eranon had one in the Spire, because he was with Zal when they went down into the Spire in the first place. So Zal either gave his (the one that knows what he was up to) to Durgaz, or he gave it to Kyuad. Durgaz was the guy we'd usually been equipping with one, but Bill's right -- Kyuad was planning on using that scythe in the fight, and I doubt he would have been in too much of a hurry to do that if he hadn't had one. But who knows, maybe Eranon decided he didn't need his and gave it up to someone else.

REGARDLESS: The important thing is that the charm Durgaz needs is either already in his possession or belongs to Kyuad or Eranon, either of whom would apparently have no problem letting him see it if he asked. In addition, Durgaz already has something else that would work just as well, so he could have done what he needed to do with either item.