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The Shadow Districts across the continent of Eredane on the world of Aryth are like a blight on the land.
For other views of maps and territory see the Map Section

Welcome to Midnight!
Welcome to the Picturing Aryth wiki gazetteer for the role-playing game setting Midnight.
This wiki site is a resource for the fantasy role-playing game using the Midnight Setting for the Dungeons and Dragons system.
This site is a wiki which is a web page that can be edited by anyone with surfing the web! The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about our game that is easily accessible and editable to the entire game group. A "Midnight Bible".

With the aid of many fans of the Midnight setting this will also serve as a visual guide across the wonderful but disheartened world of Aryth. Below game-masters, players and fans of Midnight are encouraged to find images/photos from our world that could represent the vision of specific areas within the world of Midnight.

The Midnight the role-playing game[edit]

Everything you need to know to run or play a campaign set in the land of Shadow. This book details the setting of Midnight, the new magic system that seamlessly integrates with all d20 System spells, and other new options like heroic bloodlines.
The first supplement for the Midnight fantasy campaign setting provides a wealth of additional information and options for both DMs and players alike.
This mega-adventure is perfectly suited to introduce characters into the world of Midnight or it can be used as a sourcebook from which to draw encounters.
Whether you need more creatures to pit against your heroes on Aryth, or you want to bring the taste of Midnight to another campaign, the Minions of the Shadow are ready to serve.
This supplement takes players into the high temple of Izrador, investigating everything from the black-walled tower’s highest tiers, where well-educated and thoroughly evil priests debate over the best way to enact their Dark Lord’s will, to the sprawling remains of the once-majestic human city beneath it, where slaves and rebels cower in the shadow of the dark keep.
As heroic spellcasters or brave warriors with powerful ancestral weapons of power, the heroes of Midnight all rely on magic to survive. Sorcery and Shadow is appropriate for players looking for new spells, magic items, charms, and feats, as well as for DMs who want to incorporate variant magic rules into their campaign or introduce dangerous new foes for players to conquer.
In Midnight more than in any other world, a place of sanctuary is needed to continue the fight. This sourcebook for Baden’s Bluff is appropriate for players looking for organizations to join, for new equipment and feats designed to evade the magehunters and assassins of the dark lord, and for new classes that allow PCs to bring the fight to the treacherous legates on their own battleground of intrigue and intimidation.
The dark lord Izrador has conquered the free lands of Eredane with merciless magic and savage steel. At the heart of his army is a dark forge where slaves and sorcerers labor day and night to equip the orcish hordes with weapons, armor and equipment. It is called Steel Hill, and it is the Forge of Shadow.
A limited edition box set for the Midnight campaign world.
A sourcebook for warriors in the world of shadow.
Evil, corruption, and the frozen north under the shadow.
The cities and plains of the Sarcosans, ruled by the shadow.
The desperate war of the dwarves in the mountains of the north.
The five Avatars of Eredane - the Night Kings and the Witch Queen.
Corruption and redemption - evil characters in the Last Age.
The once-proud kingdom of Erenland groans under the yoke of the Shadow's occupation, but hope lives on. Beneath the filth of the cities, the whips and chains of the slavers, and the tread of orc boots, Erenland is still remembered ... and perhaps someone, some day, will again wear her crown.
The Dorns are broken, a defeated people. But once you have lost everything ... you have nothing left to lose.

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Midnight is a fantasy role-playing campaign setting from Fantasy Flight Games. Role-playing games are usually serial campaigns of game sessions that are often times broken into story arcs like chapters in a book or episodes of a TV show. The Midnight RPG is fully compatible with the d20 System but features many new and exciting rules expansions and alternate systems. Players can choose from all-new character classes, such as the channeler and wildlander. They can select heroic paths for their characters, such as the ironborn and dragonblooded, that give them the unique gifts of truly legendary heroes. Players can also explore new rules for learning and casting spells that allow any character to wield the power of magic. Best of all, this unique magic system is seamlessly integrated with the hundreds of existing spells designed for the d20 System core rules.
You can learn alot about the system/setting by visiting:

Official Midnight home page Fantasy Flights home.
Against the Shadow: A fan created forum for Midnight.
Darkness Falls: A fan created folio of the open source rules for Midnight.
System Reference Document v3.5: D20 open source rules for D&D.

The Midnight Setting[edit]

A hundred years have passed since the Shadow in the North triumphed over the free nations of Aryth. The dark one’s corrupt lieutenants, the Night Kings, rule with an iron fist over ruined cities and shattered empires. The dwarves of Kaladrun have retreated into their mountain holdfasts, and the elves of Erethor have withdrawn into the heart of their vast and ancient forest. Twisted, incorporeal spirits known as sniffers hunt down the last true masters of magic, and the Shadow’s dark and secretive priesthood, the legates of the Order of Shadow, seek out elven spies, dwarven insurgents, and the few brave heroes who stand defiant against the fall of night.

Through the AGES[edit]

The Calendar Year[edit]

Sarcosan Sahi Calendar[edit]

Each day on Aryth is about 26 hours long and each year is approximately 337 days.
Adjusting for the vagaries of Sarcosan religious portent, each Great Arc is therefore about 34 days long. Each arc is further divided into lesser helias that vary in length between two and 17 days. Because of their inconsistency, and because only Sarcosan priests seem able to keep track of them all, the lesser helias are seldom used to mark time. There is one day during each helia, however, that is often used to measure time and it is called the helial zenith. The zenith is the midpoint of each arc and marks the day on which the ascending arc transitions to the descending one.
For ease of comparison to known constants, note that because of the longer day length in Aryth, a character who has lived a given number of the shorter Aryth years is still just as old in actual time as a character that has lived the same number of years in the real world.

Great Arcs of the Sorshef[edit]

Each arc is named after the god-rider that is believed to hold the most power within that region of the stellar Sorshef. There are sections of the Book of the Sahi that tell of times in the ancient past when the god-kalifs of given arcs changed and were therefore given new names, but this has not happened since before the Sarcosans came to Eredane.

  • Months of the Year: better known as "ARCS" to folk of Aryth.
    • SHAREEL (1)
      "the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.
    • DOSHRAM (2)
      "Planting", This arc is when young horses are broken. Sarcosan weddings are also thought most favored during Doshram.
    • SAHAAD (3)
      "Spring's End", this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.
    • SENNEACH (4)
      "the Arc of Battle", this is the traditional time of hunts, conquest, and trade caravans.
    • HALAIL (5)
      "High Summer", in Eredane and the hottest time of the year across most of the continent. Children of age often attempt their soba, or “breaking ceremony,” during Halail.
    • ZIMRA (6)
      "Harvest", this arc is dry and windy across most of the lands. It is considered bad luck to be born in Zimra and in times not so ancient, children born on the zenith of Zimra were often drowned.
    • OBARES (7)
      "the Arc of AUTUMN", and time for the last preparations before winter comes. Nomadic tribes returned to winter camps and settled in for the long winter by the zenith of Obares, also known as "the Day of Rests".
    • HANUD (8)
      "the Arc of the Dead", this a traditional time to honor the memory of lost relatives and the only time of the year when it is wise to ask favors of the Sorshef. The Dorns, long influenced by the Sarcosan calendar, hold their most solemn ancestor ceremony on the zenith of Hanud. They call the ceremony "the Calling of Honors".
    • HISHA (9)
      "the Arc of WINTER", this time marks the heart of the winter season. The zenith of Hisha coincides with the winter solstice and is called "the Day of the Sun".
    • SUTARA (10)
      "Long Winter", this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

Twilight Hours[edit]

PICTURING ARYTH: Image Gazetteer[edit]

The following is a visual gazetteer for the world of Aryth, a geographical directory, an important reference for the imagery of locations and things, used in conjunction with a the map and descriptions given in the Midnight supplements. Each area will begin with a short bio-information brief concerning the geographical makeup of a region, country, province, city, towns, villages, power nexus, etc... Across the continent of Eredane as well as any relevant/appropriate structures, buildings, wildlife, etc...
For Example:
An image of Angkor Wat (in Cambodia) could be a perfect fit to Ibon-sul, a strange/creepy/gothic cathedral might represent an image for one of the many dark churches of Izrador, or one of the many European Castle ruins could represent the crumbling Fortress Wall across the northlands.
Please feel free to add images to the collection... Please do your best to follow the formats/markup set within the wiki as you make additions.


the Continent of EREDANE on the world of Aryth in the heart of MIDNIGHT 2nd Edition.
Eredane's Politic Map of Districts
Eredane's Map of Mirrors & Nexus:
Eredane's Map of Mirrors:
Eredane's Map of Nexus:
Spliced Eredane Map: This map was spliced together from multiple detail maps.
the Baden's Bluff region
Baden's Bluff proper
Fallport Ship Docks

Geographical Directory of Aryth[edit]

Northern Marches[edit]

Icewall Mountains
Western Spur
Cold Downs
River Eb
Withered Wood
The Weal
The Woe
Vale of Tears
The Black Road
Ishensa Basin
Ishensa River
Horn of Death
Horn of Ice
Blight Marsh
The Blight
Frozen Barrens
The Scar
The Endless Ice

The Highhorn Mountains[edit]

Highhorn Mountains - various

The Kaladrun Mountains[edit]

Northern Kaladruns[edit]

Icewall Mountains

Southern Kaladruns[edit]


Northern Erenland (Occupied Lands)[edit]

Bastion District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Samael
Chandering District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Gregon Chander
Fallport District Shadow District; Controlled by: Dumuk
Highwall District Shadow District; Controlled by: Greater Legate Teros Vilosa
Lower Inshensa District Shadow District; Controlled by: Greater Legate Judela Marcosa
Port Esben District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Vildar Esben
Riismark District Shadow District; Controlled by: Nagruk
Steel Hill District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Aushav Fallon
Upper Inshensa District Shadow District; Controlled by: Helag

Central Erenland (Occupied Lands)[edit]

Al Kadil District Shadow District; Controlled by: Hadah al-Mansur
Baden’s Bluff District Shadow District; Controlled by: Count Halrion Baden
Eastern Hills District Shadow District; Controlled by: Azogduk
Erenhead District Shadow District; Controlled by: Murkul
The Plains of Erenhead
Lowrock District Shadow District; Controlled by: Gaalak
Westlands District Shadow District; Controlled by: Grial the Fey Killer
The Eren River
The Ardune

The Sea of Pelluria[edit]

Corbron Isles
Dragon Island

Southern Erenland (Occupied Lands)[edit]

Alvedara District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Ahvazi Abbas
Horse Plains of Erenland
Zorgetch District Shadow District; Controlled by: Vorbane and Vrin
Sharuun District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Farah Shanduz
Cambrial District Shadow District; Controlled by: Greater Legate Shantelus Ereach
Southwest Coast District Shadow District; Controlled by: Aran Jasayi
Southeast Coast District Shadow District; Controlled by: Prince Castor Mardiff

The Erethor[edit]

The Caraheen[edit]

River's Fangs
Green March
Darkening Wood
Felthera River
Dead Marshes
Druid's Swamp
Iathril River
The Burning Line

The Veradeen[edit]

Skyrfell Pike

The Miraleen[edit]

The Aruun
Arunath Mountains

Coastal Water Region[edit]

Kasmael Coast
White Desert

Open Seas[edit]

The Pale Ocean
The Kasmael Sea
The Endless Ocean

Fan Created Campaigns & Materials[edit]

These wiki pages list various Midnight campaigns created by GMs and players for there entertainment.

  • “Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!”: The words of hope strung together in the black tongue meaning “Out of darkness bind them!” These bainful words shall be spoken as a rally cry, a call, a voice in the darkness - asking for help... Asking for hope...
    designed by Kevin Perrine, co-created by our player character group.


ALL Characters, Settings and Company Copywrites and Trademarks mentioned on these wiki pages are the property of their respective creators. Their mention on this page is NOT intended as a challenge to existing copyrights. They are used here expressly for fan enjoyment. Midnight is published by Fantasy Flight Games.

This Midnight RPG Wiki was originally developed by Kevin Perrine.