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Milk and Honey (M&H), is a low fantasy but high adventure setting, set in a fictional ancient world. The technological level ranges from the early neolithic to the beginning of iron age. Most nations are small, comprising a dozen of "cities" at most, and even empire are more akin to loose "confederation" of vassal states bound together by the army of a larger, meaner kingdom.



Milk and Honey is a vast world, yet in a time and age in which most people travel by feet and roads are rare, most have never abandoned their home region, or even town. In M&H parlance a region is an area of land that comprises several nations that interact with each other.

Regions List[edit]

Welcome to the proud land of the wealthy men!

Greetings traveler, may your wisdom enrich our sages, may our sages make you wise.

Blessings pilgrim, may your path be a proper service to the gods.

Hello, stranger. Come and share a beer, a good story and a friendly fight.

Hi. Are you hungry?

Welcome, may sun shine on your fields and water be kind on your soul. Or mead if water if lacking!

Nice to see you, mainlander. I am bringing all the family to a feast. You are welcome to join! Please do!

The open lands of the horses... Hail stranger, may your heart be pure or censored...

Milk and Honey Gear[edit]


As a general rule most people use stone, wooden and bone utensils in their daily activities. Even in the most advanced societies copper, bronze and metal are reserved for the wealthy. There are no armor nor weapons shops as known in many fantasy worlds; instead you have to trade with a local, contract a local artisan or make them yourself.

Bronze weapons require reparations after each combat, else they do -1 damage after the first combat, and -2 after the second and later combats.

Iron weapons have an AP of 1 against bronze, bone or softer armors.

Gear List[edit]


Only some of the advanced societies use coins, the rest need to take some form of barter. However in the FFF! spirit, gold and silver pieces will be universally accepted for its weight value, unless otherwise stated.



Slavery is common in all lands but Adolek. Slaves is not based on race but rather on power. They are often considered simply property and can be sold or traded.

Most slaves are born into slavery, children of slave women (the status of the father does not count). A second source is when the parents (in Altes, only the father; in Redia only the mother) sell their children (up to the age of 25 if unmarried). The third source is when somebody cannot pay his debts (and you have no more children to sell, or they cannot cover the price). The fourth source is war, raids and trade from enemy lands.

(Of course taking a free person into slavery is a criminal punishment).

Slavery by region[edit]

In Adolek war is rare and the adult prisoners will be treated as criminals and either outright killed or forced by oath to abandon the area; orphan children would be incorporated into the tribe without a second thought.

In Altes, Veniam and Redia slavery is common place. In other regions, up to 15% of the people are slaves.

In Oska children of slaves are considered "second class" children of their parent's master; but they are still free; as are any children captured in raids. Selling your children as slaves is unknown of, and would be considered an abomination in their eyes. In Oska the only source of slaves is war and crime.

In Wessana the concept of slavery is unknown. Prisoners of war are considered third class citizens who cannot own anything and must work for the community for seven years and one day. Then they are free, but as second class citizens that cannot buy land, nor are permitted a tomb.

In Aeeliah slavery follows more or less the rules of Redia but as a general rule, master tend to be kinder, for in Aeeliah there is a god of the slaves who can (and will) curse you. Slaves dress as their masters, often but not always more cheaply made, though. Prisoners are never paraded nor humiliated.


New Hindrances: Slave (Major) Slaves are at -2 Charisma, are Poor, must designate a Rich or Noble PC to be his owner, and their experience points are spent by the GM. An owner needs to spend 3 Experience points to freed a slave PC.