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Miniscus the Fool (one of several diverse aspects of Miniscus, who resembles a cross between Mercury and Odin).

Miniscus is widely and publicly worshipped as a patron of merchants, gamblers, orphans, the crippled, unmarried and disinherited; and in some locales as the guide of poets, musicians, philosophers and the dead. He is a popular God, much concerned with human affairs and occupies an ambiguous place in the pantheon. Although junior to most by birth, and relegated to the role of assistant and intermediary, he often seems to exercise surprising influence on either member of the ruling couple, playing on their vulnerabilities behind the scenes to get the better of the other Gods.

The little known Mystery of the Fool follows Miniscus into the invisible world of destiny, natural order and abstract reasoning. It attracts philosophers, scientists and magicians to its secret fellowship. This secrecy might have its roots in occasional persecutions visited on the cult by certain authorities (because of an association in the popular mind with astrology). But Miniscus also endorses it, for the knowledge it promises is a grave burden, not meet for unworthy shoulders. Little is known of its rites, except that they are practised in secret, by night, underground, in the hope of knowledge and involve the interplay of light and music.