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Miranda and Caliban, with Burnham to show scale

Officially Miranda is a blackrock, a failed terraforming.

In Reality, Miranda was once home to 39 million colonists, now a mostly empty planet. "Remember Miranda" has become something of a rallying cry to a new group of resistance fighters in Blue Sun and elsewhere. Miranda is reasonably safe now, but it is unknown how deep in the ecosystem the PAX has filtered, water, soil, planets and animals may be contaminated. Rumor has it that under certain atmospheric conditions the PAX can rain down, or blow in and affect people still.

  • Go Mifune was abandoned on Miranda.
  • Mike Carter was banished to Miranda.
  • The Lambs of Migaddo were brought there by Summer's Gift.
  • Summer 2522 - Miranda remains a one way ticket for most, but there have been over a dozen ventures attempting to capitalize on the mostly deserted planet. Some communications from major centers suggest that most colonists do not spend long in the cities, as power use there tends to attract Reavers. There have been Reaver battles, and the colonists appear to have survived so far



Home to a few thousand simple islanders, this exotic and tropical island is protected from landing by a perpetual hurricane the result of its HAARP. It is this that presumably saved Pala from the PAX, and from the Reavers.

The inhabitants of Pala appear to have created a utopia without arms, violence, or discord. They've maintained this existence unknown to the outside world for at least a decade, if not more.