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Entry Cost[edit]

The Battlelines Battle has no Entry Fee.


7000 Denarii to the winning team.

2000 Denarii to the losing team.


The Battle is for two teams, each of up to six Gladiators.

Victory Conditions[edit]

The Battle is won by the School with the last man standing in the arena.

Arena and Deployment[edit]

The arena is 15 x 15 squares. The three squares at the centre of each of two opposite board edges are "entry gates", one for each team. On a gladiator's first turn of the game, he must "enter" onto a square adjacent these gates, with his first square of movement moving him onto a square adjacent to the gate. If there is no free square to enter on, then the entering gladiator is taken out of action immediately. This represents the limited time to get into the arena before the portcullis gate drops down!

Special Conditions[edit]

No special conditions.

Designer Comments[edit]

This is the default battle, where typically one team will fight until they feel that all hope is lost, at which stage they will surrender. Of course, the difference in prize between winning and losing is pretty sizeable!

Its easy enough to modify this battle.

If you want to have four teams, then add two more gates, and the prizes stay the same: 7000 for the winning team, and 2000 for each losing team.

If you want to add terrain features, its worth doing so symmetrically. Any terrain features added will change the battle in different ways. Two ideas that an Imperator might consider are:

  • A central area of raised terrain to encourage movement to the centre.
  • A "border" of hazards around the outer 1 square band around the arena, but excluding the three squares in front of each gate. This will encourage characters to get into the middle where the melee is!
  • A "special condition" from this page. A "massive crowd" or "battle drums" will add to the intensity of this battle quite nicely, and encourage aggression!


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