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Each Battle contains the following information:

  • Entry Cost - Campaign games only.
  • Prize - Campaign games only. How much you win for winning this battle.
  • Teams - How many teams may participate in the battle, how many gladiators are in each team and any prerequisites.
  • Victory Conditions - How to win the battle.
  • Arena and Deployment - What the Arena looks like, and how Gladiators are deployed in the battle, or how they enter.
  • Special Conditions - Any special rules applying to the battle.
  • Designer Comments - Comments from the battle designer on how this battle was designed.

Unless specifically commented on, it is assumed that all Battles described are suitable for both Campaign games and for Pick-Up Games. Also, its presumed (unless stated otherwise) that each Lanista selects his team secretly before entering the battle, and that all the Gladiators on each team are revealed simultaneously in full detail at the start of the battle.

Premade Battles[edit]

  • Battlelines - A "default" all out battle where battle-lines clash.
  • Classic Pairing - A series of duels representing the classic gladiator pairings of ancient Rome.
  • Crossfire - A simple melee battle where the key to success is dominating the middle ground.
  • Duel Series - A series of quick-fire duels.
  • Slaughter of the Noxii - Condemned criminals, the Noxii are slaughtered en masse by the gladiators. Who can kill the fastest?
  • Tifernum - A historical re-enactment of a Roman defeat of the Samnite armies.


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