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Entry Cost[edit]

The Classic Pairing Battle has no Entry Fee, save for the "Stake" as described below.

Entry Conditions[edit]

A "Classic Pairing" is a one-on-one duel with the following match ups allowable:

In a Campaign, the Imperator advises the lanistae when he is iniating a "Classic Pairing Series".

The Imperator then selects a Lanista to have priority, who then lays down a gladiator. This is called the Challenge. The Imperator then says what class of gladiator would make a classic pairing. Examples might include:

  • Hoplomachus vs. Murmillo.
  • Samnite vs. Thracian.
  • Retiarius vs. Secutor.
  • Provocator vs. Provocator.
  • Orc Blacksteel Juggernaught vs. Dwarf Ironclad.

One other Lanista who can complete this classic pairing can then put forward the matching gladiator. If more than one Lanista can put forward a matching gladiator, then they can either agree amongst themselves who will get to fight, or can "bid" against each other, with the highest bid getting to fight. This extra bid is called the Stake and is added to the prize money.

That battle is then fought.

After that battle, the Imperator then selects another Lanista, who can make a new Challenge.

Generally a Classic Pairing Series will consist of each Lanista making one challenge.

Note that a Lanista is never obliged to make or accept a challenge. If a challenge is made but no Lanista accepts, then that school may make another challenge immediately.

If the Imperator wishes, he may disallow a Lanista's challenge, if there is no classic pairing to be called.


2000 Denarii to the winning school. Also, any Stake put into the match by either team is taken by the winning school.

Victory Conditions[edit]

The Battle is won by the School with the last man standing in the arena.

Arena and Deployment[edit]

The arena is 3 x 9 squares. The opposed gladiators start at opposite ends of this corridor, in the middle square of three.

Special Conditions[edit]

No special conditions by default.

However, Imperators may want to consider adding special features, such as ranged central terrain, or replacing the outer walls with hazard squares.

As this is a one on one battle schools can't surrender by the default rules (as a minimum of one gladiator needs to be taken out of action). However, there should be an option for a school to yield - essentially, this is surrendering but with the requirement of the opposing school's permission.

Designer Comments[edit]

The classic battles themselves are over quickly, and the prizes are only small, but its generally worth Lanistae fighting as many battles as they can to get experience on their gladiators.

When calling out classic pairings, the Imperators should be careful about making sure that match ups are fair. Placing different weight classes against each other, for example, can be unfair, though some match-ups of this sort do work okay.

Its also worth being wary of placing speciality classes against their favoured opponents. Bestiarius vs. Large beast might sound a natural pairing, but its one that heavily favours the Bestiarius!


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