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Entry Cost[edit]

The Crossfire Battle has no Entry Fee.


3500 Denarii to the winning team.

1000 Denarii to the losing team.


The Battle is for two teams, each of two Gladiators.

Victory Conditions[edit]

The Battle is won by the School with the last man standing.

Arena and Deployment[edit]

The arena is 9 x 9 squares. Each Gladiator starts at the mid point of one of the arena edges, with his team-mate directly opposite him. The central 3 x 3 squares are raised terrain. The 2 x 2 squares in each corner are hazard squares (spike pits). Any Gladiator that enters the hazard squares is immediately taken out-of-action.

Special Conditions[edit]

This scenario has the "No Surrender" rule.

Designer Comments[edit]

This is a simple and straightforward battle, excellent for introducing new players to the rules. The key strategy here is to bring your pair of Gladiators into the middle ground as soon as possible, where they can watch each other's backs and benefit from the raised terrain. The raised terrain is also important for protection against ranged attacks.

Careful selection of your two Gladiators makes a big difference here too! Having just two Gladiators encourages you to look at the inherent combos hidden in the rules, and to develop your own preferred style. Do you want to have a pair of light gladiators to gain the edge in mobility? Or perhaps two heavies to move slowly but relentlessly to the centre ground? Or perhaps a mix of weights and roles, to get the advantages of combined arms tactics?


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