Niassa Steele

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Public Name: Niassa "The ungentle night" Family Name: Steele "I have never surrendered" Secret Name: Aban "The world forgives daring



    • Bear's Strength: Weakness
    • Elk's Cunning: 4
    • Falcon's Courage: 2
    • Fox's Beauty: 4
    • Serpent's Wisdom: 2
    • Wolf's Prowess: 3


    • I Never Promised You Anything
      • Invoke: To make deals based on implied promises
      • Tag: To realize she's not offering anything
      • Compel: Can't easily offer straight-up deals
    • Tavala
      • Invoke: To inspire ven through songs, stories or dance.
      • Tag: Others can use her free spirit against her when she tries to assert authority
      • Compel: Short attention span.
    • Sword Dancer
      • Invoke: For making particularly showy sword attacks
      • Tag: The flaws in the style are easily noticed if one knows what to look for
      • Compel: Can't resist to show off skills

Contacts & Friends[edit]


    • Suare Tan - Patron of power behind the throne (2)
      • No Secret is Safe from Me
      • I Have Never Been Defeated
    • Yalshari Prev - Patron of beauty and lust as a tool, nothing more (1)
      • The Invisible Tongue


  • Castle of the Ebon Winds
  • Burk Village
  • Ranon's Wood (Forest)
  • Lambskin Woods (Forest)
  • Skaven Farms
  • Skaladoran Mountains
  • Nehal Hills
  • Shalador Plains


  • Castle Staff (1)
  • Niassa's Hand (Roadmen 1)
  • Those of Whom We Do Not Speak (Spy Network 1)
  • The Huntsmen (Personal Guard 2)
  • Isla Reina (Maid 2)
  • Halia Korson (Artisan - Playwright 1)