Ryandual Yvarai

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Public: Ryandual: “the abandoned plain”
House: Yvarai
Secret: Gwanal: “my love will give you no rest”

Family Info[edit]

Houses: Falcon and Fox (Falcon Dominant)
Parents Title: Baron
Birth Position: 5th Born with 1 Survivor
Marital Status: Married with 1 Child


Strength 2
Cunning Weakness
Courage 3
Beauty 4
Wisdom 4
Prowess 3


Passion before Duty

Invoke: When I am dealing with a threat to my Romance in the most Direct way.
Tag: When using such a threat as a blind.
Compel: Force me to go after a spouse or other person who might be a threat.

Improvisational Fighter

Invoke: When I fight in a swashbuckling manner or otherwise use terrain.
Tag: When in a "traditional" duel or otherwise forced to rely only on my own body and weapon.
Compel: Force me to take the long, flashy way in a fight, even when something more subtle might be better.


Suaven & Blessings[edit]

Talia Yvarai 2

  • The Black Kiss
  • The Goodnight Kiss

Ashalim Avendi 1

  • The Cloak Deceives

Additional Info[edit]

Domain: Castle (Fox's Fall) (rank 1) Village (Shar's March) (rank 1) Swamp (Lasthome) (rank 1) Farm (The painful gift) (Rank 2) Plains (Shadow of the Storm) (Rank 1) Forest (Eaglesbrough) (Rank 1)
Vassals: Spouse 1 Roadmen 2 Spy Network 1 Staff 2
Bonus Points : Apothecary (rank 1) Personal Guard (rank 1) Forest (The Crimson Willows) (Rank 1) Mountain (Ryandual's Point) (Rank 1) Ritual: The Rose