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As fifth years you have all taken the basic required classes from the core group, but there are higher levels of each available. Pick four classes you are currently in in either group and either a fifth class, a study period, or a club to join.

Additional clubs may be joined if the character wishes.

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Core Classes[edit]

Defense Against the Dark Arts - Loremaster Gault

Transfiguration - Loremaster Skins

Charms/Enchantments - Loremaster Longshot

Florology/Faunology 101 & 201 Loremasters Meri and James Ottawa

Hypnomancy - Loremaster TBD

Genealogy of Magic - Loremaster Sam Brown/Brown Sam

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Elective Classes[edit]

Arithmancy - Loremaster TBD

Colonial/NoMag Studies - Loremaster Colton

Minerology/Alchemy - Loremaster Pbau No

Apparition - Headmistress Smith

Spiritwalking - Littlefoot

Flying - Loremaster Kewanee

Spellsinging - Loremaster TBD

Ritual Magic 101 & 201 - Loremaster(s) TBD

Illusions - Loremaster Vladovich

Divination/Runes/Astronomy - Loremaster MacInverness

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Duelling - Dueling club concentrates on formalized magical duels. Zephyr Kewanee leads this club.

Close Quarters Dueling - CQD club deals with combat dueling and focusses on both magical and mundane fighting techniques. Rath Gault leads this club.

Primlacrosse - The sport club is exclusive to players on the four teams and each team is run by the head of their hearth.

HERE are the rules for Primlacrosse.

Debate - The duels in this club are fought with words rather than wands. Loremaster Colton leads this club.

Players are welcome to make up their own club: Pick a loremaster to lead it, name it and describe it. That player's character must be IN the club.

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