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Violet Smith :: Hart Hearth[edit]

Wildwoods violet.png

TONIGHT WE'RE GOING TO ROCK THIS SCHOOL LIKE - Oh crap here comes a teach! Everyone run![edit]

Attributes d4Arrow03.png[edit]

|| Cleverness d8 || Tenacity d8 || Finesse d8 || Empathy d8 ||

Roles d4Arrow03.png[edit]

Hero d10

  • Fearless d10
  • Performer d8

Scamp d8

  • Rulebreaking d8

Diplomat d6

  • Gossip d6

Leader d6

  • Organization d6

Investigator d6

Helper d4

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Distinctions/SFX d8[edit]

Checked SFX are active.

Don't Tell Me What To Do - Violet never backed down from a fight. Or a challenge. Or a... you know what, she just doesn't back down.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png Detention. Again: Gain a PP when being headstrong gets you in serious trouble.
Unactivated SFX: Description

Leader of the Band - Violet's attempt at a rock band has collected a few fans, both no-maj born and a few witches and wizards attracted to something different.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Unactivated SFX: Description
Unactivated SFX: Description

No-Majborn and Proud - Violet takes pride in her heritage and doesn't try to hide it.

Check002.png Hinder: Sometimes your distinction works against you. Gain 1 plot point when you roll a D4a.png instead of a D8a.png
Check002.png Bag of Tricks: Spend a PP to create a d8 muggle tool asset for the rest of the scene.
Unactivated SFX: Description

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Relationships d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Sarah Grimké d8
Sarah is a sixth year pureblood witch from Bear Hearth, but while many purebloods were apathetic or worse towards No-Majborn, Sarah took time to help them all when they were first years dropped in a world of magic head first. They've stayed close friends, even if Sarah thinks Violet has some sort of hearing issue to enjoy the music she does.

Liam "Thunderstorm" Smith d8
An older cousin and black sheep of the family, Liam was the one that introduced Violet to music the rest of her family thought of as too "crude and violent" for an impressionable young girl. Given how Violet turned out, this hasn't helped his relationship with the rest of the family, but they both love each other and don't regret it.

Colonel Thompson d8
The Colonel is a ghost at the school, who died in the wizard side of the American Civil War. He attends every session of Violet's band, claiming the harsh, loud music and shouting makes him feel more alive. This makes him the closest to a friend she has among the staff, and the questionably official sponsor and advisor for her underground "Rock Music Club".

Signature Assets d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Wand d8 13" Ebony with Veela hair

No. You Move. Ebony rewards those with the courage to be themselves. When defending against mental effects, you can reroll all dice from the original roll. On the reroll, all dice that roll 1s or 2s are considered hitches. You must use the second roll.

Magical Electric Guitar d6 It wasn't easy to find a way to magically amplify her guitar, but much to the regret of those in the Hart common room, she found a way.


When Violet Smith received her invitation to Wildwood Academy, she couldn't be happier. Born to a painfully unremarkable no-maj family, all she knew was that finally she was getting out of her boring life, moving on to the world of magic and wonder that she always knew was waiting for her.

Unfortunately, magic school proved far heavier on the school and lighter on the magic than she wanted. How do you reduce brewing potions into a chore like cooking? You can fly on brooms but you use it to play fancy soccer? So you can learn a spell to clean dishes, big deal, that's why they make dishwashing machines. One day she realized that, far from her dreams of Gandalf or the wicked witch of the west, the magic world was... actually kind of boring.

Worse, Wildwood meant no long phonecalls to gossip with her friends, no rock concerts, no television, no Hot Topic. Most of the students and staff were, at best, dismissive of mere "No-Maj" culture. Violet wasn't going to let that stop her, though - if she couldn't go to the things she loved, she'd bring the things she loved to Wildwood.

The plan ran into a few hitches. It was surprisingly hard to start a rock band without electricity (turns out magic was useful for something after all), and she thought the teachers were going to have a stroke when she arrived one year with multiple piercings and tattoos. But conformity was never Violet's calling, and she's not giving up, no matter how hard the going is.

Violet is constantly in trouble, or serving detention somewhere - whether it's for breaking the dress code, smoking in the hallway, or talking back to a teacher, she's one of Wildwood's most notorious problem students. Only the fact that she never does anything seriously harmful, and that she actually does fairly well in class, has prevented more serious punishment.

Despite having a certain reputation, she's not into dark magic either. Her appearance and music are how she expresses herself, she doesn't actually want to hurt anyone. She probably shouldn't have asked all those questions about demon summoning in class, but there was a really wicked pentagram necklace for sale in a catalogue and she wanted to make sure her soul wasn't going to get eaten. Also she's pretty sure a few students took entirely the wrong meaning from her performance of "Paint it Black."

As soon as classes opened up and students were able to pick what they wanted, Violet dropped the boring stuff like Hypnomancy and Genealogy of Magic in favor of fun stuff, like Defense and Charms, and stuck with Transfiguration because she seemed to be good at it. She also immediately signed up for Spellsinging as soon as she could, which didn't turn out to be quite what she was hoping but it was better than most of the options. Officially she has a study period, but that's because she didn't even bother to try to find a sponsor to make her rock band an official club.

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