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There are two type of beings refered to by the term <bib>Non-born

Natural Non-Borns[edit]

Non-Borns refer to people who came into existence during the creation of High Order Constructs.

  • The Non-Borns created with Amber very greatly. What is known is the Fey races of Amber were created as Non-borns. Were-creatures in a shadow near Amber were Non-born. There was a race of dragons that were non-born one of whom mothered Vox.
  • Avalon was created under stressful conditions, but Corwin framed his thoughts at the time on a certain time period in France, early 1900s. Such a thought collection included a peopled Paris and France. Hence a created populace and French as the language of the realm.
  • Mandalay was created with the experience of Adrian, Oberon's first son that he raised. Adrian had traveled shadow farther and wider then most creatures had and had vast collection of memories and impressions of people. He also planned very carefully, over the course of millennia, how exactly he wanted Mandalay to begin. Part of these preparations were several places that would be created fully populated. Most notably was the Dramaturge that was populated with artists, performers, actors, cooking artisans, all knowing they were non-born copies of historical people, and the functions of creation would fill them with complete memories of the people they mimic.
  • Many Squiggles have some amount of Non-borns depending on the method and format of their creation.
    • Regor was created with a form mimicking a form of Russian/Prussian environment that peopled the land with a hardy race of non-borns with a near invulnerability to cold. In the second generation of Regorians the Invulnerability to Cold dissolved to a hardy ability to tolerate cold rather then an invulnerability to it. This trait has considered to breed true.
    • Azcala was created by a seriously crazy group of escapees from a shadow the Aztec nation. Its shadows were peopled by fanatically religious Aztecs and a incredibly submissive population willing to all themselves to be herded in large groups to their alters to have their hearts religiously ripped from their chests.
    • Alamond is based on amusement parks. During its creation many characteristic carnival people were created. Since the creation of the Squiggle such types of people have sought out the realm naturally, magically, or unconsciously.
    • Trasidy does not seem to have had any non-borns.
    • Asagalask had a wide range of races that were non-born, including Adask, Fey, Ryanahyn, Elf, Human, Orkind, and dragons

Artificial Non-Borns[edit]

The term "Non-Born" is also applied in some shadows to the people created artificially to populate remote planets. Fertilized eggs are frozen and transported to be born artificially.

Universes without FTL travel often deped on Generation Ships for space flight between solar systems. Frozen eggs are often included.

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