Nu Yark, Nu Yark

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Nu Yark, Nu Yark[edit]


Location and Cosmology[edit]

A world just beyond the Chaos Sway. It has many influences from that and of the universe but manages a great many of the checks and balances from the orderly east like gravity, weather, and bureaucrats.

Life is cheap and luxury expensive.

The level of smog on the world is high, giving the air an orangish tinge in the sunlight and a dark sweaty haze in the moonlight.


  • Warrior Core and Lord Gladiators Association is active in Nu Yark. Depending on the regions they use different combat conventions.
  • Sports are incredibly popular and important as social, cultural, and financial element of the world

Diners of Amber entry[edit]

This realm is a twist of this and a twist of that. It is a high tech age where man and machine blend easily and well. Nu Yark is a place i have spent time in to unwind and enjoy the simple ease of plenty yet have the rough trade of greed near at hand. This realm is dominated by this vast city that spawns out to the horizons. It is a city of towering pinnacles of glass and steel. Many of the arcologies that sustain their own populations in comfort and ease, at a price. Many an Arcology anchors Burroughs in this massive citystate.

Other megatroploies dot this planet.

Beneath the towering spires live the grim lives of the broken the elite have forgotten who must live out desperate lives by desperate means.

This is one of my places. I come here to enjoy to cross-shadow influences of music, drama, and art as well as the luxuries afforded the super-rich. Of course when I'm feeling peckish the food here is sublime.

I said there are crossshadow influences and they abound. This realm is nearer to chaos then to Amber yet it has internal checks and balances that keep a level of reasonable cause and effect in play. Of course what one considers reasonable is widely varied, depending when your last meal was, or when your child last ate.

Sometimes i dress up in black body tight armor and latex, and travel the dark ways and settle affairs for people unable to do so themselves. I feel silly afterwards but while i am there its vastly entertaining. If you are interested, i know where there is a good specialized tailor.


As I said i've spent some time here. Its really out of my normal wheelhouse. I grew up in Amber, Thelusia, and parts of places in shadow that have a similar die on the sword lifestyle. But a few hundred year before Oberon did the shadowdance that led to Pattenfall, he abruptly took me here to meet and bond with a brother Oberon did not want to bring to Amber. Knowing Kibar will read this, it is only fair to tell him that Oberon strictly forbade me from speaking of how we reach Amber. He also told me that he was leaving it up to me if i thought putting a knife in his heart and throwing the body in a bonfire was a good idea. He said he could not make the call and anything i did he would consider for the Good of Amber.

As i've worked on this increasingly long tome ive often spoken of my kin. Flora in Adzikis, Julian in Arden, Random in Taxorami. And now Kibar.

He was hard, but funny. Oberon had been little more then a whisper in the night to his mother but he has a lot of Oberon in him. He suffered warfare as a child, block wars, gang wars, corporate wars. He learned the magics of electronics in this realm where the laws of Chaos combat the laws of nature. Where the evils and the graces needed to be balanced if one was not to become a monster. He has managed well.

Stories of Nu Yark[edit]