Nuts and Bolts, Season Six: PFX

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A shorthand list of what she's got so far. Will update as necesssary.


7 sets of skivvies and socks
3 bras, jog, racer back
1 mens plush microfleece robe, long sleeved with 2 pockets and hood

13 tee-shirts, 7 black and 6 in solid colors: red, blue, stone khaki, white, purple, green)
3 ribbed cotton tank tops, black
3 pairs cargo pants
2 coveralls
1 pair of work boots
1 pair dressy boots, high, round toe, dark brown
1 pair of flat heeled dress shoes, ballet flats style

A good all weather jacket, with zip out insulated lining and hood
A good pair of cold weather gloves
A cotton twill cap with rubber brim

Offensive Gear[edit]

Gun holster for right hip
Gun holster, shoulder rig: underarm, left
Knife sheath for boot
Combat Knife

Special Occasion[edit]

Red silk velvet gown, floor length (needs 6" hemmed);bias cut, boat neck, slit back w/single button closure, fitted to high waist, tight long sleeves.

  • Now hemmed; envelope clutch purse (flap closure) made of the excess, with remainder given to tailor as a courtesy.

Red silk chiffon gown, strapless, empire waist with handkerchief fall in center bodice, floor length, fully lined.

  • Purchased on Sihnon, tailored to appropriate length for her height. Shoes to match, closed toe.

Lingerie: (3) bra and thong sets (yikes!): (1) black lace, (1) bordeaux satin, (1) gold silk; (1) ankle length, long sleeve red silk robe with belt
Perfume oil, small bottle: sandalwood

  • Lingerie and oil purchased on Boros, 29 Jun 2522


Slim book of Russian poetry, bought secondhand on Athens. Clothbound.
Grab bag of used books (10 count), different titles/subjects.
A digital/analog watch. Dial watchface with the hour, minute, and second hands, and digital window. Button controls.
Hand drawn, hand sawn jigsaw puzzle in box

  • Handmade puzzle a birthday present from Joshua, Mar 2522


  • Databook and peripherals purchased during layover on Beaumonde, Sep 2522
  • Stolen on Ghost (12 Feb 2523) Hard drives and data discs retained.
  • Databook replaced on Urvasi (25 Feb 2523)

External hard drive for databook
Data Storage discs (6)

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