October the Skinner

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October, the Skinner[edit]

Song: Aviary by Ego Likeness


  • A woman. Probably. You'll have to pay to find out for sure.
  • She makes scrounge look like luxe.
  • Long, straight black hair with a white streak pulled back from a face that's striking rather than beautiful.
  • When you look into those cool green eyes, you feel challenged: do you measure up?
  • Her expressive hands, her slim body, her posture and gestures bespeak a dancer's trained grace.


Cool+1 Hard–1 Hot+2 Sharp+1 Weird=0

Special Moves[edit]


  • Artful & Gracious
  • An Arresting Skinner


  • hidden knives (2-harm hand infinite)
  • antique coins (worn valuable)
  • skin & hair kit (applied valuable)
  • oddments worth 1-barter


  • navy-blue beret
  • embossed leather barrette
  • white silk scarf
  • baggy camo fatigue shirt
  • black leather kilt with shiny steel studs and grommets
  • long black leather coat, a little too large for her

The Rookery[edit]

…is what October calls her luxe, cozy dwelling in the Grave. A bomber fuselage, completely stripped of every interior fitting, floor covered with rugs, walls covered with tapestries; it's tall enough for October to stand up straight, barely, but most men have to crouch. A generator (filled every other day from the Grave's vast fuel bunkers, maintained periodically by Hossfield the Savvyhead) sits far enough away to keep the noise level down, but close enough to power lights and conveniences.

The interior is divided into three compartments. The nose holds the main entrance and reception area, where visitors come to discuss business. This section can be lit by daylight through the cockpit canopy, or (dimly) by electric lights at night. A steel desk with locked drawers holds October's business records.

A partition divides the reception area from the studio, where business is actually transacted. Here, blankets and pillows form a nest, with candles and incense burners scattered about. A footlocker holds massage oils, toys and such. The generator powers a small refrigerator for cold drinks.

October's private bedroom in the tail is separated from the studio by an aluminum bulkhead with a locked door. It's small compared to the studio, but then, there's no need for more than one small person to fit in it. Cabinets hold makeup, clothes and other necessities. One of October's most prized possessions is the jury-rigged A/C unit (Hossfield's work again) that keeps her bedroom cool while she sleeps through the day. A rear exit is also locked.