Official groups in Amber

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There are many official groups that share in the recognition of the crown. Some are as great as the military of the kingdom, some are little more then sewing circles. Yet they all have their influences in the intricate game of politics at the center of Amber.

The Guardians of the Realm:

While the Army and the Navy are considered the backbone of the defense of Amer, other specialized groups both contribute and distract. These groups include the Constabulary of Amber, Rangers of Arden, Amber Elite Guard,Amber Military Aide Society,Amber Life Guard, & the Amber Star Fleet.

These major groups exchange members with the military and each other developing cross-trainings, conflicting jurisdictions, and often both friendly and biter rivalries.

The Clandestine Services

In the past each Prince and many noles maintained intelligence gatehring groups to protect themselves and Amber.

After Patternfall Prince Caine was appointed 3rd in command of the Navy of Amber. This post makes him the Spymaster of Amber and that fact is only superficially covered up.

Smaller Groups

Jeweled Walkers