Ogolorph Windshaper

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Previous Master Hunter of Zarland. He was the occupant of the Hall of the Master Hunter after defeating a smilodon at the previous years Great Hunt. He is also the younger brother of King Yalaring Monsterslayer. He is a quite, reserved man that has supreme confidence in himself and disdain for outsiders. He will train Dexterity and any hunting related skills, but drives a very hard bargain to be bothered, especially for anyone not from the clans centered on Surlt. He represents the Arrow Star clan a the best hunter.

Teaching skill: 75% Skills Trained: Listen, Spot, Track, Hide, Stealth, Atlatl/Javelin, Spear He can also train DEX up to 18 He charges 1 silver/10 hours of training

Ogolorph has two companions Adio Fleetfoot and Brodny Catvision. He has seven dogs and each companions has three.

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