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Ogre is a system that do not use classes or general levels and is loosely based on the OGC system. The rules are complex allowing players to create a wide variety of characters, but complex does not necessarily means complicated.

Ogre: Open, Generic Roleplaying Environment[edit]

Open: You can freely use the rules and modify them as you like as long that you respect the license. Note: this rule system do not used the Creative Commons license, but the Open Gaming License since it is based on rule derived from a system using this license.

Open also means that this will hopefully develop as a collaborative work. If you want to contribute to the system, read the Contribution Guidelines

Generic: The system try to be as generic as possible so it can be use in most campaign settings whatever it's fantasy, modern or futuristic. It's also try to encompass most game style like realistic character or playing epic heroes.

Roleplaying: Obviously, this is a roleplaying game system.

Environment: Sound better than "system" for the acronym.


The rules are separated in many books that focus on a particular aspect of the game. The main rulebook you need to start playing is the character codex. For now, it is the only book with content.

Character Codex[edit]

The main codex contains core rules to play the game. It have sufficient material to start playing with this book only, but a richer environment is available with other books.

  1. Introduction
  2. Character's attributes
  3. Movement
  4. Combat
  5. Equipment
  6. Skills
  7. Character Creation

Background Codex[edit]

Will describe a talents and flaws system.

Races Codex[edit]

This book contains all races that a player can choose as a character.

Equipment Codex[edit]

List of equipments a character can used during the games.

Magic Codex[edit]

Three magics system will be describe : dynamic magic, static magic and powers.

Campaign Codex[edit]

Rules and guideline to create campaign settings that use Ogre.