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Once more, with feeling!



Gravity-Defying Bust Tattoos[edit]

  • These delicate, almost lacy tattoos were invented in the First Age by the vain and well-endowed No Moon sorceress Gheinaxa. The tattoos are most often made with moonsilver inks, especially in the Age of Sorrows, but the tattoos became quite fashionable for a time in the First Age and can be made from inks of any magical material. The magic of the tattoos keeps the wearer's breasts from sagging or drooping, giving them an extra bounce and making it easier to move around without needing a brassiere or bindings. They have an attunement cost of 2 motes and amplify stunts that involve descriptions of the movement of the wearer's breasts, granting an additional bonus die to the stunted roll. This amplification does not affect mote gain via stunting, only the number of dice added to the stunted action.
  • The benefits of these tattoos only apply while the wearer is in a form with breasts like those of a female human.
  • There is also a non-tattoo variant for those who felt it silly to permanently tie up motes with such an artifact; when unattuned, it appears to be and can be worn as a normal bra - albeit a bra made chiefly from moonsilver lace. Once the wearer has attuned to it, it melts into the skin and forms tattoo-like patterns on the wearer's breasts, providing the standard benefits. De-attuning causes the bra to reappear.

Icicle Pendant[edit]

  • Or Resources 3
  • Created by Yama on The Freedom Stone
  • This smooth cone of blue Jade, about the size of a woman's smallest finger, feels pleasantly cool to the touch. Commonly, it is part of a Jade-alloy chain that is a bit longer than usual for a necklace. Though the item is rather plain for a piece of jewelry, it is modestly popular among the rich in southern climes; if borne against bare skin when the ambient temperature is too warm to be comfortable, this thaumaturgic amulet maintains a thin layer of invigoratingly cool air around the wearer.
  • Mechanically, the pendant reduces any increased frequency of fatigue checks due to high temperatures to the rate of a temperate climate.
  • An intriguing side-effect of this minor artifact is that, worn by a woman, the pendant tends to rest in her cleavage. Just enough chill seeps into soft warm skin to make her nipples poke out proudly and visibly under anything up to (and including) a buff jacket. Therefore, these pendants also are popular gifts.

Intimate Resonance Rings[edit]

  • Created by Merior on The Freedom Stone
  • This artifact is a set of one or more rings. These are inert until installed as piercings at preferred erogenous zones of one person, at which point the rings permanently lock in place.
  • Once set, the artifact can be attuned to with the commitment of one mote; only the wearer can not attune to her own rings. An attuned character can play the link of essence like a snare, gently strumming to make the rings resonate with the essence bond, vibrating against the delicate places in which they are set. This is effectively a medium for Performance-based social attacks to make the wearer indulge in the inevitably resulting physical needs.
  • Sets of these rings were typically created as gifts of a sort, often with personalised materials, symbology and little quirks to assist, please or frustrate the intended wearer.
  • For two dots, multiple characters can attune to each set of rings.

Serum of Savoury and Superabundant Secretions[edit]

  • The imperishable sweet milky liquid contained within this crystal phial can have one of two effects when sipped, depending on the physical sex of the drinker. Regardless of the sex of the drinker, the effects of a single sip last for 4 hours.
  • A male drinker can control the taste, viscosity, and quantity of his semen at each ejaculation until the effect wears off. He will not run out of semen while under the serum's effects.
  • A female drinker will begin to lactate immediately after swallowing and won't stop until the serum wears off; her breasts may sometimes become larger as a side effect. She can control the taste of the milk and how quickly it comes out; it provides the normal amount of nutrition regardless.
  • Additionally, if a drinker of either sex spends 2 motes of essence when they take their sip, their semen or milk can produce similar effects in anyone who takes at least one gulp of those fluids. Such secondary drinkers do not receive the option of spending motes in order produce the effects in a third group.
  • Drinking more than a sip at a time does not produce greater or longer-lasting effects. The phial refills itself at a rate of two and a half sips per week - completely refilling itself over the course of a month.

Thong of Enflamed Desire[edit]

  • This skimpy undergarment is woven with threads of moonsilver among the mundane fabrics, and can be activated with the commitment of 2m. Once activated and put on, the thong contracts around the body of the wearer (who need not be the same person who committed the motes) to become skintight, though easy to move in and not uncomfortable. However, the true power of the Thong of Enflamed Desire is that it constantly massages the wearer's genitalia, arousing them and imposing a -1 internal penalty to the wearer's MDVs against social attacks meant to seduce the wearer. This penalty is cumulative with similar penalties originating from the wearer's Intimacies, Virtues, or Motivation.

Thong of Wondrous Endowment[edit]

  • This tight-fitting thong, once attuned for 2 motes, allows a male wearer to alter the size of his genitals within the range of human norms as a diceless miscellaneous action. Alterations made this way last as long as the wearer remains attuned, and amplify stunts that describe his endowment, adding one bonus die. This bonus die does not affect mote gain via stunting, only the number of dice added to the stunted action.
  • There is also a two-dot artifact, the Thong of Enflamed Endowment, which combines the shapeshifting benefits of this garment with the constantly arousing properties of the Thong of Enflamed Desire and requires a 3-mote attunement.


Mighty Claws of Rumasa Lanan[edit]

  • This set of razor claws, crafted entirely from orichalcum, belonged to a First Age Solar, Rumasa Lanan, who created a martial arts style now lost to the mists of time. An Old Realm inscription along the vambraces reads “The Mighty Claws of Rumasa Lanan”; if his (or her, the inscription gives no clues) tomb or manse could be found, perhaps some of the secrets of the lost style could be rediscovered, but the claws themselves give no clue to the tomb's location.
  • The razor claws themselves are exquisitely crafted, and the blades can be retracted or extended as a miscellaneous action (as drawing or readying a weapon, both sets of blades can be extended in a single such action), seeming to melt fluidly into the vambraces when not needed.
  • When the blades are in the extended position, an attuned wielder of the claws can spend 1 mote of Essence to fire one of the blades at an enemy, using the higher of the character's Thrown or Archery abilities. The blades then regrow themselves in the extended position. The fired blades use the same statistics as perfect-quality shuriken with the orichalcum material bonus. Attunement costs 6m.


Elsewhere Stutter Cannon[edit]

  • These rapid-firing weapons were invented late in the High First Age as an alternative to warstrider fire lances. They fire bursts of coin-sized Essence vortices at high speeds, but the vortices quickly lose cohesion and dissipate.
  • When the vortices come into contact with a solid object, they transport however much of the object they touched into Elsewhere. These "bits" can be retrieved from Elsewhere via a chute at the rear of the weapon for post-mission analysis or other uses.
  • Like warstrider fire lances, Elsewhere stutter cannons have an attune cost of 2m, and an internal Essence battery containing 40m. Each burst costs 4m.
  • Spd 6/Acc +3/Dmg 18L/Range 250 (max)/Rate 1/Artillery, Piercing

Hurricane-class Variable Common Warstrider[edit]

This blue jade warstrider has a slender, streamlined construction, with wings folded neatly on its back. The long, sloping adamant helm/entry hatch extends well down the fuselage and cannot rotate, but nonetheless provides the pilot with a 360º visual field. When in "bird" mode, the legs and arms fold up under the deployed wings, holding the stutter cannon along the centerline of the warstrider, and the pilot reclines in the helm, using the harness to direct the 'strider's flight and fire the cannon.

Strength 12
Soak 20B/20L/20A
Hardness 10
Mobility -6
Fatigue 6 (0 with jade bonus)
Speed Ground: 40, Flight: 120/90mph (assuming Dex 4)
Maneuverability +3r (Lore 4, Ride 4, bird mode), -0r (Lore 4, Ride 4, warstrider mode)
Attune Cost 20m (10m warstrider + 8m integrated flight system + 2m stutter cannon)

Warstrider Elsewhere Stutter Cannon (40m battery, 4m per attack)
Spd 6/Acc +3/Dmg 18L/Rate 1/Range 250 (max)/A, P
Punch: Spd 5/Acc +1/Dmg +3B/Def +2/Rate 3
Kick: Spd 5/Acc +0/Dmg +6B/Def -2/Rate 2


  • A paired set of short daiklaves, each of which can be thrown as if they were sky-cutters. Attunement cost is 6m for the pair.


Jade Dragon Tattoo[edit]

  • Created by Edelritter on The Freedom Stone
  • History stereotypes the Dragon-Blooded of the First Age as soldiers, but in truth they played many different roles. There were only a limited amount of Celestial Exalted, and they required bodyguards and retainers, soldiers and advisors- and courtesans, too. Unfortunately, the Dragon-Blooded have several important drawbacks as courtesans. Their supernatural charm is weaker than that of the Celestial Exalted. Worse, they have a very limited ability to expend essence before their anima starts flaring- and that is always inconvenient.
  • A Twilight (who else?) developed a way around these drawbacks. While some had experimented with ways to temporarily seal a Dragon-Blooded's anima- often with disastrous consequences- he had the key insight that the raw elemental power of a Terrestrial Exaltation should be part of the solution. The challenge was finding a good way to express it. Thus were the Jade Dragon Tattoos born.
  • A Jade Dragon Tattoo normally looks like a tattoo of an appropriately-aspected elemental dragon coiled around a character's body. While a few are only sensual in nature, most are designed to be actually erotic. A classic design for females shows the dragon's tail snaking around the thighs, curling possessively around the breasts, and licking or biting at the neck. The tattoo does not have to cover the whole body, but hiding it should be impossible unless the character is covered up from at least her knees to her neck. While appealing, Jade Dragon Tattoos have no supernatural effects while they are dormant.
  • A Dragon-Blooded who has a Jade Dragon Tattoo and spends peripheral essence may choose to channel the spent motes into the tattoo instead of her anima. Doing this prevents her anima banner from manifesting, and as a result also prevents Anima Flux (MoEP: Dragon-Blooded, p. 122).
  • The tattoo will come to life when the character has spent 8-10 motes of peripheral essence. It will move, with a will of its own, to accentuate the character's every movement: coiling more tightly around her legs as she walks, raking her chest as she breathes, licking the base of her neck as she throws her head back. Even if the tattoo is entirely covered by clothes, onlookers will have the distinct impression that something under the character's clothes is moving, coiling, groping about her body. The Dragon-Blooded herself feels these caresses on her skin. The character's Appearance rating is increased by 1 for the rest of the scene.
  • At 11-15 motes spent, both the character and the dragon coiling around her body begin displaying some of the raw elemental passion in their nature. Self-awareness and shyness are replaced by fiery impetus, stony determination, airy confidence, liquid grace or lush vitality. The character's Charisma rating is increased by 1 for the rest of the scene.
  • At 16+ motes spent, the Jade Dragon Tattoo is fully awakened. The dragon leaves the character's skin and takes shape, becoming a corporeal creature. If the character is wearing clothes, the dragon materializes over them. In addition to the above benefits, the character may make use of the dragon as though it was an extension of her own body. The dragon may move all around and away from her body, but at least one part of it (however small) must be in contact with her.
  • The main use given to the dragon is as an instrument of pleasure. The Dragon-Blooded may make full use of all of the dragon's senses, including touch. As a creature made of jade, ink and essence, its shape is not fixed: the Dragon-Blooded may make its body larger or smaller, longer or shorter, harder or softer, more or less sensitive, and change the texture of its skin to whatever she desires (rough, smooth, slick, scaly, ribbed, studded- etc). Its tongue is velvety-smooth and delivers delicious caresses- or its head may be used as a male sexual organ, much like the tail. At its most simple, the courtesan might have it coil around her thigh and use its tail to penetrate her lover, while the head does the same to her. Both male and female Dragon-Blooded have found endless ways to please themselves, a lover, or both using the fully-awakened Jade Dragon Tattoo. It's said that when two particularly imaginative Dragon-Blooded with this artifact engage each other, Venus herself occasionally pauses to pay attention.
  • The awakened Jade Dragon Tattoo can also be used in other, non-sexual ways. As long as the dragon is looking in the opposite direction, for instance, no one can surprise the courtesan from behind. As long as both dragon and courtesan are focused on the same person or object, the courtesan gains three bonus dice to any Perception checks. Or she may direct the dragon to bite rather than caress- this is a Speed 5, Accuracy +1, Rate 1 (Dexterity OR Perception + Martial Arts) attack that deals (permanent Essence rating)L damage. It may be used in a flurry with other attacks, and may be used even during a Clinch. Many an unsuspecting lover has enjoyed the velvet caresses of the dragon's tongue, only two have it bite down in the most unexpected places.
  • While Jade Dragon Tattoos are powerful and useful, they are not without drawbacks. At 8+ motes spent, their constant stimulation causes the courtesan to be in a constant state of arousal. This compromises her self-control, reducing her Temperance rating by 1 until the end of the scene. If this reduces the courtesan's Temperance to 0 she becomes a creature of hedonism, unable to deny any indulgence. Prolonged exposure to this state is known to cause the Sexual Addiction derangement (MoEP: Lunars, p. 210). The most horrifying stories concern those in whom the madness blossoms to such a point that they cannot stop using peripheral essence, pleasuring themselves and neglecting everything else until they become emaciated husks, dead from dehydration or starvation. Dragon-Blooded who desire the Tattoo are usually required to submit to training, to make certain they can control themselves.

Additionally, while in this state of elemental arousal, refusing intimate company the courtesan would find attractive causes her to gain 1 point of Limit. She may gain no more than 2 points of Limit in any single scene from this source.

  • Jade Dragon Tattoos are rarer than most would like. The secret to their construction was almost lost with the Grand Contagion; today, only a few artificers can make them. They can afford to be picky in who receives them. Two Cynis branch families specialize in them in the Realm; it's well-known that the Scarlet Empress' favourite concubine was a beautiful red-headed woman of this family.

The Joyous Reciter of Ten Thousand Dialects ʊ[edit]

  • Repair 3
  • Attune 5m
  • This set of goggles allows the wearer to read any words as if they were reading their native tongue, while the matching earpiece translates spoken words to the wearer's native tongue, and their attunement causes the artifact to anticipate their words, which it will whisper a translation of into their ear so they may speak what they wish in whatever language they wish. The accompanying brush allows the wielder to write any language as if it were their own.


Crown of Sorcery[edit]

This artifact looks like a normal circlet, but has several sharp points on the inside that makes it normally impossible to wear without great pain. Furthermore in that case it won't grant any bonuses. To gain the advantage of the crown it needs to be implanted. At that point the crown mends with the flesh of the wearer, shooting golden needles into the head of the wearer. The crown can take several forms, but often looks like a circlet or slender crown. The crown has the following features:

  • It has three hearthstone slots that grants the benefit of three skin-mount amulets but gives an extra increment of peripheral essence bonus, ie every stone gives its rating x3 extra motes.
  • The wearer's spells cannot be countered by a counterspell during Shape Sorcery actions and a counterspell of the same circle requires a contested Willpower+Essence roll to counter.
  • The wearer's Essence is counted as one dot higher when buying charms which is cascaded from one of the Sorcery Circles.
  • The wearer may transcend the age limitation on raising Permanent Essence, up to one dot beyond what she could usually reach. This means that a Solar who had lived only a mortal life time could raise her Essence to 6, while one only slightly over a century old could attain Essence 7. The character must still train and buy her Essence up with XP normally.

Fang of the Fox General[edit]

Potential-Unlocking Orichalcum Tattoos[edit]

  • Fine and delicate lines of shimmering Orichalcum adorn the bearer skin, forming patterns and designs of subtle complexity. Although most likely the image in which the denizens of Malfeas and Underworld have created their own twisted artifacts, these rare wonders work according to very different principles. Instead of imbuing the wearer with power stolen from a demon or distilled from hundreds of tortured souls, these tattoos have the power to manifest the unrealized potential of the Solar Exalt. In time, driven by the knowledge of what she might become the Exalt will make that potential reality and the tattoos show her the next step on the path of excellence. They are a focusing tool of self-improvement.
  • The Potential-Unlocking Orichalcum Tattoos react differently to every character, spontaneously forming designs independent of the implanting surgeon's will. The following describes the powers manifested by Nuwa's tattoos:
  • Manifest Potential: The wearer grants six specialty dots, one additional dot to six different Abilities or two additional dots to two different Abilities, and one additional dot to six of the wearer's Attributes or two dots to two single Attributes. This effect can be completely or partially de-activated and re-activated as a reflexive action.
  • Universal Respiration: The Tattoos provide the benefits of three Skin-Mount Amulets, though instead of the hearthstones being set into implanted sockets they simply meld and become one with the wearer's body, their crystallized essence diffused throughout her being.
  • Inviolable Destiny: The wearer's Integrity Protecting Prana is made a permanent effect. In addition for all effects that would suppress, negate or otherwise manipulate his own Charms or spells, or his motes, mote pools, Willpower or Virtue channels the difficulty of any rolls to do so increase by the Lawgiver’s Essence. If an effect molests the Solar’s Charms or temporary resources without a roll, that effect automatically fails (see Inviolable Edicts of the Sun, HFoL p. 9).
  • The Path to Transcendence: The Lawgiver may transcend the age limitation on raising Permanent Essence, up to two dots beyond what she could usually reach. This means that a Solar who had lived only a mortal life time could raise her Essence to 7, while one only slightly over a century old could attain Essence 8. The character must still train and buy her Essence up with XP normally.

Sword and Scales of Justice[edit]

Anshu's equivalent of Nuwa's Potential-Unlocking Orichalcum Tattoos, these lines of gleaming orichalcum adorn Anshu's chest and back, taking the shape of his iconic image - a straight-edged daiklave superimposed on a set of golden scales.

  • Universal Respiration: The Tattoos provide the benefits of three Skin-Mount Amulets, one at the daiklave's hilt and the others in the scales' weighing pans. Hearthstones can be inserted from either Anshu's front or back, and appear in both places once inserted.
  • Immutable Self: Anshu's Integrity Protecting Prana is made a permanent effect.
  • Righteous Condemnation of Evil: By spending 10m as a diceless miscellaneous action, Anshu may designate one being with permanent Essence lower than or equal to his own as a Creature of Darkness for a scene, and only for the purpose of his own Charms and attacks. This power has no additional affect on beings that are already Creatures of Darkness.
  • The Path to Transcendence: Anshu may transcend the age limitation on raising Permanent Essence, up to one dot beyond what he could usually reach. He must still train and buy his Essence up with XP normally.

Tattoo Crest of the Veiled Silverhawk Lady ʊ[edit]

  • Solitary Talon's version of the Tattoos possessed by various members of her circle. Integrated with her other Tattoo artifacts, the set takes the form of a stylised hawk with two heads. When the Zenith is bare-breasted, each visible eye highlights one of her caramel nipples.
  • Glorious Rapture of the Venusian Zenith: Solitary Talon's Performance dice cap increases by four, while any intimacy she inflicts takes (her Conviction x2) worth of scenes to destroy.
  • The Path to Transcendence: The Tattoos allow her to transcend the age limitation on raising Permanent Essence, up to one dot beyond what she could usually reach. She must still train and buy her Essence up with XP normally.
  • Unbending Pride: Solitary Talon's Integrity Protecting Prana is made a permanent effect.
  • Universal Respiration: The Tattoos provide the benefits of four Skin-Mount Amulets, each of which provides one additional increment worth of extra motes. A pair of the Amulets form the talons, while the other two are located at the tip of each wing.

••••• •[edit]

Imperator-Class Sky-Carrier[edit]

Insidious Moonsilver Shards[edit]

  • Moonsilver Shapeshifting Weapon
  • (Attack Statistics) Speed 4, Accuracy +6, Damage +9L, Defense +6, Rate (Infinite), Disarming, Martial Arts, Reach
  • (Clinch Statistics) Speed 5, Accuracy +6, Damage +7L, Defense --, Rate (Infinite), Clinching, Martial Arts, Piercing, Reach
  • Allows the attuned wielder to assume multiple Martial Art Style Form Charms, up to a maximum of (Essence) different Form Charms at any one time. Considered a form weapon for any martial arts that the wielder knows.
  • Attunement: 15 motes


Bracelets of Communal Communication ʊ[edit]

  • Repair: 3
  • Developed by Starcc Antonee at the request of Solitary Talon, these bracelets, which are made in sets of ten, allow people to communicate perfectly over great distances. Each bracelet contains a setting for a single hearthstone. Those wishing to use them must first attune to them. Each bracelet can communicate perfectly with as many of it's mates as the owner desires. They have an unlimited range, and characters in Creation can use their bracelet to contact people in Yu-Shan, Malfeas, the Underworld, or the Wyld. Each set of bracelets has a 'master' bracelet, which can be used to communicate with other sets at the will of it's owner.

Artifact 3; Slave[edit]

  • Require a commitment of 5 motes.
  • May talk on the same network as their master bracelet.
  • May not communicate outside their master bracelet.

Artifact 5; Master[edit]

  • Require a Protoshinmaic Vortex or level 3+ hearthstone to power them.
  • Require a commitment of 10 motes.
  • Can 'mute' subsidiary bracelets.
  • Master-to-master links allow them to selectively and reflexively share networks.