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Your ship rattles and lurches as the unexpected vortexes and blasts of energy rock it from dimension to dimension, tossed between worlds by the chaotic energy.

Flash! A world of war, where tanks and men fight endless hordes of demons.

Flash! A world of fire and ice, the elements raging for dominance.

Flash! A world of twisted flesh, a green sun hanging in the sky.

With a final crack, you're dropped out of the storm, and begin falling. Well, not so much falling as undergoing re-entry. You see the world spread out below you; it seems oddly flat. The plasma fires of the atmosphere flare up over the windows, and you can see no more, but you know that this isn't your home.

The roaring and rattling of reentry builds, your thrusters trying and failing to slow you down. Then, you pass through the clouds, and you see the plasma covering the ship die down. Unfortunately, you're still going way too fast.

The water below looms up beneath you, and you're not slowing down nearly fast enough. There's an island in front of you, but you doubt you'll make it.

Then, you hit the water, and your ship skips over the surface like a rock tossed by a titanic child, tumbling end over end as it plows into the sand of the beach.

When it's all over, you're amazed you're all still unharmed. Stranded on what looks like a tropical island, but unharmed none the less.

And Creation will never be the same.

Out of the Void[edit]

The Wiki page for the Exalted/OWoD play-by-post game where members of Void Engineer dimensional exploration team finds themselves knocked through the fabric of time and space and ultimately crash landed in another world. A more primitive world. A world ruled by spirits and god-kings who oppress the common man who dwells in barbarism or back-breaking peasantry.

It's time for them to find out what the Technocratic Order was founded for. Even if they're some of its lower-level members, they've still got Enlightened Science and what Hypertech they've got on hand. Creation will never be the same.

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Player Characters[edit]

  • Michael Grayson: Void Engineer: Pan-Dimensional Corps. Starship pilot and navigator. Played by Skydigger.
  • Harry Thorns: Iteration X: Biomechanics. Combat Engineer and Idealistic Cyborg. Played by Hattori.
  • Jason Argosy: Void Engineer: Earth Frontier Division. Scout and member of the Cassandra Complex. Played by Mr. Sitouh.
  • Rebecca White: Progenitor: Pharmacopeist division. Ship’s Doctor and biologist. Played by S7Michelle.

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Non-Player Characters[edit]

  • Yuyuki: Harry's creation, an android in the form of a teenage girl.

Recruitment Notes[edit]

You're heroic mortals, generated as is standard for Exalted 2e Heroic Mortals, with the following exceptions: You have, for free, the following traits: Craft (Fire) 2, Craft (Air) 2, Craft (Water, Earth, or Wood) 1, Craft (Magitech) 3, Lore 3, Occult 5, Essence 3, Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, and three degrees of thaumaturgy. You also gain Occult as a Favored skill on top of the one you normally get. You still need to buy spells with BP, though. You use the Dragonblooded Artifact background, though said artifacts are restricted to things that can be justified as Technocratic Hypertech.

Of course, you wouldn't call it Sorcery, magitech, or thaumaturgy; it's all Enlightened Science or Hypertech. Typical thaumaturgical degrees would be Enchanting, Alchemy, Warding, Spirit Beckoning (mechanical or computer-themed spirits only), Probabilistics (as Astrology, but with numbers), and Bioenhancement (as Craft (genesis) to give mutations, but with mechanical theme). Demon Summoning, Elemental Summoning, the Art of the Dead, Astrology are banned, due to in-character reasons. The Technocrats do not traffic with occult spirits (magic does not exist!), and Astrology is just mysticism. Any of the other ones from Oadenol's codex would be okay, if less common; a member of the Syndicate would probably have the Art of Husbandry for supernatural manipulation of people, for example.

Setting Information[edit]

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Experience Point Tracker[edit]

  • Michael Grayson: Current Exp 11
  • Harry Thorns: Current Exp 11
  • Jason Argosy: Current Exp 10
  • Rebbecal White: Current Exp 11