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The Pig & Whistle Society, also known as the Pig & Whistle Explorers Society or the Pig & Whistle Drunken Explorers Society (and of course, the Pig and Whistle Society), is a World of Warcraft guild open to all members of the RPG.net forums, as well as their friends and family. It is a sister guild of sorts to the Blacksky Company. While the two guilds are by no means friendly in game, out of game they should be friendly and cooperative.

The Pig and Whistle Society is an Alliance-side guild, based on the North American Kirin Tor Roleplaying server.

Members are expected to assist each other, and to be civil to each other out of character. Normal speech is to be used (no leet-speak!), and all efforts to correct spelling, and grammar will be appreciated.

Guild activities include questing, dungeon-running, 10-player raiding, retro-raids, and battleground PVP. There are a few people who are involved in arena PVP as well. Once a year, for the guild's birthday, there are a variety of fun and silly events which take place, like costume contests.

News and discussion about the guild takes place in the Video Games Open forum on RPG.net. Relevant topics will begin with the [WoW - P&W] tag. We also have our own private forum where a lot of internal guild activity gets discussed. You don't have to join the P&W forums, but they're certainly a handy read, and include important information on the structure and activities of the guild.

To find the guild forum, check the Guild Info while playing the game. We were getting tons of spammers hitting the site, so we had to move it to a seeecret location.

Guild Rules[edit]

This section of the Pig & Whistle Society Charter tells you more about guild rules and policies. If any guild rules are a problem for you, contact a guild officer, or the guild leader directly.

If you're creating a new character to join the P&W, please check the section "About Names" in the charter.

In-Game Background[edit]

Eli Langston formed The Pig & Whistle Explorers Society over 200 years ago, as a gentleman's club of sorts; a group of noblemen, adventurers, rogues, explorers and ne'er do wells centered in the famous pub in Stormwind. Over the course of the Society's storied history the charter has changed hands many times, lost in gambling matches, sold to get rid of debt, taken over by overzealous members. No one actually knows the entire history of the Society.

About 30 years ago, Giz'nit Cranksprocket, a goblin in the employ of the Venture Company, won the leadership of the Pig & Whistle Society in a rigged game of cards. Giz'nit turned the Society into more of a professional treasure hunter's organization, with members traveling to dangerous remote places in search of the fabulous wealth rumored to be hidden there.

Upon forcibly retiring a decade ago, Giz'nit passed the reigns of the Society on to Olaf Ironbeard, the Society's bravest explorer. Olaf was last seen heading to the Isle of Dread two years ago. After his disappearance, the Pig & Whistle Explorers Society went their separate ways, some milling about, others travelling the world on their own. The Society was thought disbanded.

Some years ago, Nyssala, a night elf who had barely left the forest confines of her home, discovered a dwarven corpse in a Furbolg cavern in Darkshore. Investigating, she found a piece of parchment on the body. The paper proclaimed it's bearer as owner and administrator of the Pig & Whistle Explorers Society. Not sure what to do with this, she sent word out that old members could return and new members were welcome; and she set out to Stormwind City, where the Society began two centuries ago.

Since then, the Pig & Whistle Society has taken on more of it's original flavor. Members are free to travel the world largely as they see fit, seeking out lost and ancient treasures, uncovering mysteries, exploring dangerous locales, and traveling the world in search of adventure, fame and fortune.

Last year, Nyssala left Darnassus in a rush. She chartered a ship from Auberdine, and has not been seen since. In her study were found incomplete notes which referred to the Twilight Hammer, but her whereabouts and fate are a mystery. In her absence, Hanaturo, a Human Mage, veteran of the war with the Horde in Ashenvale, has taken over leadership of the guild.


The officers and the guild master run the guild together.

Officers have invitational powers, as well as access to the officers' notes and players' notes (to add new RPGnet handles if they invite). Officers are responsible for organizing guild activities, keeping discipline in the ranks, and if the Guild Master is not present to handle minor issues and grievances. They represent the general needs of players in their class. All officers' alts are also promoted to Officer.

Mentors are a sort of limited officer position for people who have been recognized as knowledgeable and helpful to others in the guild.

Officers and mentors are selected based on their helpfulness, positivity, and similar qualities.

Guild Bank[edit]

The Guild Bank can be accessed at any in-game bank. There's lots of space to deposit items to benefit other guild members, and things to take to help you out.

The first tab of the guild bank contains free bags to equip your characters with, as well as guild tabards. If you need a hand, the Guild will provide you with the price of a mount and training. We will pay this out to one character per player, unless you pay it back, at which point the money is open to another one of your characters.

Due to a number of hacker attacks, an authenticator is now needed to get full bank access. This can be demonstrated to an officer or mentor by showing them your Core Hound pet in-game.


The Pig & Whistle society boasts many skilled crafters. The following pages list specific patterns that different guild members have. More information about what crafting is available can be found in the P&W forums.

Northrend Epic Jewelcrafting Cuts: [[1]]