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For as long as you can recall, you have lived in The Facility. You are a prisoner, or perhaps a test subject. You may even be the product of scientific research yourself. Those who run The Facility do not answer your questions. You do not know their names or their faces; they interact with you through loudspeakers, via security robots, and from behind opaque masks. Has it been weeks? Months? Years? Your entire life?

At times you are tested. Sometimes you must take written quizzes or physical examinations. At other times you are hurt, or placed under stress, or compelled to compete with other tests subjects in any of a hundred ways. What the purpose of these tests are, you do not know. Sometimes you encounter the same test subjects over and other; other times, the others never return. Perhaps they were freed. Perhaps they were killed.

Always, you return to your designated cell. Sometimes you are alone; sometimes you have a cellmate for a day, a week, a month. You may share a cell with a half-dozen others, or you may be left completely alone. You are given food, tasteless but nourishing, and simple, smock-like clothing. You are allowed to sleep. When you are injured, those who run The Facility see to it that you are healed.

You have dim and hazy memories of a life beyond and before The Facility, images of other people who cared for you, of sunlight and grass. Although you have knowledge of many things, such as guns and gardens, families and oceans and animals, you are not sure why or how. It is as if you were given the knowledge of a full life, but neither the memories nor the experiences to go with it.

One word is especially bright in your mind: Arcadia. You know it is the name of a place, a place of safety.

When an unexpected event offers you a chance to flee The Facility, to seek out a new life, will you rise to the occasion? And what destiny will you find . . . out there?

Project Beta: Rules[edit]

The Heroes[edit]

SWADE Charsheet

Their Allies[edit]

Aberforth, (A-135-4T)

  • Male steer
  • Personality: Jovial, joker
  • Skill: Persuasion d8

Cerulean, (C-271-9M)

  • Female red fox
  • Personality: Upbeat, flirty
  • Skill: Hacking d6

Edgar, (E-196-4R)

  • Male raven
  • Personality: Suspicious, curious
  • Skill: Notice d8

Hunter, (H-421-5N)

  • Male rabbit
  • Personality: Exuberant, tale-teller
  • Skill: Performance d6 or Thievery d6

Kay, (K-471-9N]

  • Female coyote
  • Personality: Inquisitive
  • Skill: Electronics d6

Ally Stats