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Prometheus Project[edit]

The Myth of Prometheus

The brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus journeyed from Mt. Olympus to Earth and visited the Greek province of Boitia where they made clay figures. Athena took the figures and breathed life into them. The clay figures that Prometheus had created became Man and honored him. The figures that his brother Epimetheus created became the beasts, which turned and attacked him.

What is the Prometheus project

The Prometheus Project is a user created campaign setting that centers around the emergence of city states during the Bronze Age in several different fictional cultural areas. There will be a standard format of information. Each area would have its own common language, agricultural practices etc., but each city state would have its own God, laws, temples, military, currency, weights and measure, trade practices etc. Once all the basic background for each city state has been created (which might take a long while) it could be further developed by jumping ahead 500 years (an Iron Age setting) or so and give background on how the city states were united into one kingdom and the current political situation. If this weren't enough I would also eventually like to do version of these kingdoms being merged into an Empire by force of arms.

While ancient Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian (and other) sources could and would serve as an invaluable source of information on ancient city states what I would really like is to produce, or I should say, help produce something original. The Prometheus Project does not use any one game system or engine, it is a generic setting. As such stats and material from copyrighted games should not be included.

Map of the known world: A larger version of the map can be found at the bottom of this page

The Cradles of Civilization




The Zhosur Archipelago




Region 8

The Jhera Valley

Independent City States

There exist a small number of city states that do not have ties to any larger cultural / political regions. These cities are few and far between, post them in this section.

Barbarian Hordes

Not content or not interested with creating city states. Then help give the uncivilized barbarian hordes a voice.

Just add them here by name

Tomes of Knowledge

Any specialized topic not covered by a regional or other description. The following are a few examples.

Ilisinian's Catalog of Maldaies, Plagues, and Afflictions of Mankind During the Age of Bronze

- A later historical text on the diseases of mankind compiled from numerous Bronze Age sources.

On the types and Variety of Livestock of Civilized Men

- Need or want to read an in-depth, ground breaking work that describes the varieties and origins of Ilkarian goats or Samarian oxen, then this is the book for you.

Medicinal Herbs of the Southern Lands and the Ilkarian Islands

- Got fungus?

Setting Building, Conventions and Resources

Creating a Region

Creating a City State

Code of Conduct


World Data

World Technology -- needs a new name

Base World Map -- Made some changes to the map to fix inconsistencies with prevailing wind direction and river drainage. (5/17/08)

Color Map-- A color map of the world made by count zero. A very cool addition, thank you.