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Throne Archon (Unknown Level but probably very high)

Lawful Evil (believes he's Lawful Good)


Pyriel is a tremendously beautiful and powerful Throne Archon that embodies the power and majesty of his race. Or so he claims; in truth, Pyriel is actually a dimmed version of the beauty of true angels with much of his immortal grace and loveliness having faded to a dull shadow of its former glory. Nevertheless; Pyriel attempts to present himself as glorious and enough of that awesome wonder is present to impress most beings.

Pyriel rarely chooses to manifest this form as he spends most of his time in the body of Cassius Du'Shadowfast. Cassius' body is not just a housing place for his soul but it is also an object that allows him to slowly repair the damage that he's suffered from millenium of years of imprisonment in one of the Order of Damarius' cursed artifacts. Cassius' faith, devotion from his troops (bordering on idolatry), and unique bloodline allow Pyriel to slowly repair himself.


Pyriel is a gleeful sociopath that's more than a little insane. Pyriel loves putting individuals down who are less than whole hearted in their support of his aims. Often, Pyriel's method of controlling others is humiliation mixed with a bit of humor. His quirky sense of humor ranges with a wide variety of put downs and dry observations.

Pyriel is generous in victory and prone to lavishing rewards on his followers. However, he seems to treat his beloved minions in a manner that's more equivalent to pets rather than equals. He has very little respect for human beings and tends to view them in the same respect as small children.

Pyriel is prone to displays of loathing and hatred when confronted with Demons, Devils, Yugoloths, and other Fiends. While he's willing to deal with them, he desires their destruction above all other things. Most other fallen are treated with a similiar disdain as he refuses to admit he HAS fallen. Pyriel is often condescending and elitist even when confronted with servants of good that are far more powerful than him.

Pyriel is a bit of a hedonist and especially enjoys sensual pleasures. The deity is genuinely well intentioned and capable of minor acts of kindness. One tends to have to show submission before he will do anything and one should be wary of him turning it to his advantage.

Surprisingly, there is some indication that Pyriel was not nearly so demented before his imprisonment.


There's something you need to know, Pyriel isn't actually a grand rebel and traitor that lead a glorious revolt against the Gods. He's actually a former mid-level functionary back in Heaven that had managed to rise to the top of his profession but was repeatedly passed over for ascension to a higher state of being. This was, ironically, mostly because his superiors believed Pyriel to be kind of a d***.

Pyriel joined the rebellion of many other spirits during the Demon Wars under the Solar Deva Triel and was promptly sentenced to imprisonment under Khyber after the conflict. Pleaing for clemency for his fellows and begging for forgiveness, Pyriel was allowed to resume his duties at a much lower level of service.

Surprisingly, Pyriel managed to hold in his darker urges until the Daelkyr Wars when he grew disgusted with human mismanagement. Pyriel proceeded to fall down to Eberron and raised his image amongst the Dhakaani as a god to be worshipped. He soon came into conflict with the Order of Damarius and numerous other powerful figures on the planet.

Pyriel grew more and more powerful as time went on and swiftly rose to become a figure that wielded as much mortal influence as the Lords of Dust. Unfortunately, his constant risk taking and arrogance forced him into a conflict when he attempted to seize control of the Keeper's Vault. There, Pyriel sacrificed much of his power in a confrontation with the Dracolich Demigod and was bound into crown by the Order of Damarius before being cast into the oceans.

Ultimately, Pyriel was discovered by Kazandra when she was researching potential allies for the Blood of Vol and rescued from the bottom of the ocean depths. This titanic coincidence is solely the result of The Deck of Many Things allowing Cassius to gain the cursed power of Pyriel's charisma.

With the aid of Kazandra, he has since merged with Cassius and begun setting the Lord of the Watchmen on the path to world domination.

Dogma: Pyriel intends to create a world without evil and this requires human free will be largely sacrificed towards him. He has genuinely benevolent aims and takes no especial pride or enjoyment in destruction like other Fallen Angels have been known to develop. He only believes that this is the only possible way for mankind to escape the cycle of fear and evil that currently dominates their existence.

Note: To be honest, Pyriel is viewed as insane by most Lords of Dust or similarly powerful beings. The belief that he can overthrow the whole of the Daelkyr, The Lords of Dust, the Rajahs, Quori, and Dragons with no real allies is viewed as ludicrous. Nevertheless, Pyriel has achieved a surprising amount of success despite his efforts and is probably the most powerful Radiant Idol currently on Eberron.

To make matters worse, Pyriel's current state is weakened from what he used to be. Cassius' skills as a paladin make up for much of what Pyriel has lost but it will be some time along with many souls before he's fully regenerated himself from his final battle with The Order of Damarius (something that took the entire order to defeat him even in his weakened condition). His current state is little stronger than some of its stronger individual members.

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