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Obligatory List of Game Quotes

So I was scouring the web looking for Amber ideas and ran across a page that said that every Amber Campaign web site needed a list of quotes. It didn't sound like a terrible thought so here is mine.

I am going to put some ones I found and some from the Old Game as well.

The Jewel Road and the War of Balance Game

Red Sword Calls- Third Campaign.

Luke:" oh... the gun? Its a clockwork nail gun. No gunpowder. no gas propellant. Just nails the size of tent stakes at 2400 feet a second"

Macsen: "Something I've always wanted without knowing it."

Azcala Unleashed -Second Campaign

Jallarzi: SMITE!!!!!!!! FEAR ME!!!!!!

Call to the Kin-First Campaign

Bleys "Ben, If I decide to flee to Mandalay, taking Nocturne with me, And Marry her, will you make sure Random does not lead the armies to come get me?"

Caine to Doria, "I can give up power for love. Can you seize power for love?"

Shaenne: "Doria seemed insulted at being chosen to be a Lady in Waiting for the Queen. I can't see why. If she is so bent on protecting people, who better to serve, I ask?"

Bleys:" Flora is thinking of teaching her cross-stitch and tea service

Truman: "I think the big problem is the use of the word 'Lady' in the title.

Vance looks at Truman. "Why do you say that, cousin?"

Truman, "if it were just called Dangerous Being in Waiting" or something she'd deal much better with it"

Bleys howls

GM: No Robin ,you can not just run Lyta nor can you recreate her guns. I know better now.

Bleys: These aren't fiction novels. They are travel guides.

Random to Rinaldo: Play 'Client Poker' with me and, so help me, I will revoke your Golden Circle Treaty.

Random: "Ben! Are you back so soon? So glad you could make the scene! Did you bring me any apples out of Avalon?"

Benedict: "I'll have my majordomo send you a wagon full since it seems I will be staying in Amber for the next couple of centuries."

(On the occasion of Random forcing Benedict to accept the office of Marshal of Amber)

Bleys: "You know Ben, it isn't regicide to wish we had strangled him in his crib. Really. I looked it up. It is lese majesty. Regicide is if we actually kill him. Which, for the record, I am not in favor of. Now a little lese majesty might go a long way toward preventing regicide, don't ya think? Besides, it was just Old Mink! What's a little psychoactive alcohol between brothers! It was funny wasn't it! Come on! Let me out!"

Ben:"Yes, Bleys, I think the Old Mink joke was funny but I still can't let you out till Random tells me too. He can't do that till he comes down, and Old Mink seems to have considerable authority in both proof and in hallucinatory power. I would have to say this is your own fault. Would you like a book to pass the time? Flora seems to have left plenty of these harlequin romances here from her stint in the cells. Tell you what, I'll read to you."

Picking up the book and opening to the front page, he reads.

'He was a man like I never believed I could find. From my cubicle in New York I had flown to Bermuda and I saw the bronzed god walking toward me, fresh from the sea..."

Bleys began to weep.

Truman to Red Bertha: "you going to be singing later tonight?"

Random to Doria: "Look, I may have to kill a brother in the next half hour, ok? I will think about if I need to imprison a niece later. Setting priorities, my dear, is a requirement of kingship"

Caine to Random, "So, you going to stab me with that or are we just talking?"

Random "Let's say I am speaking from a point of strength."

Caine, "well, The rapier is a fine weapon but its the jewel on your chest that's the only thing keeping me from bloodshed."

Random, "Then let's say I am speaking from a dramatic pose."

Caine, "Lets."

Fi, Ben, and Doria watch Bleys healing in the suspension tanks at Vulsar Base

Fi asks Ben some very pointed questions. Fi seems far more impressed then even Ben was.

After reviewing the healing she says to the unconscious floating Bleys, "Beat Maylon Hendrake in mental combat over HER trump. That's tough, Bleys. Double Tough. Like you said Ben, he can still prove he is a Prince of Amber. Maylon beat Brand once. Can Bleys have gotten that much tougher while he was simply drinking? I doubt it. He's been training somehow"

Doria sarcastically says, "Probably by training on us."

Fi looks at Doria. "Probably, and you on him as well, niece. Drunk, down and out, he is still a Prince of Amber. The cousins could do worse for a friend. Then again, I seem to find myself in your debt these days"

Ben adds, "At the time I didn't think he was holding on by anything but a shoestring at any one moment. Luckily for him it didn't snap. It was a very impressive display. I do look forward to having Maylon drop by. After this, she will come herself." --

From what I lovingly/sadly call the "Calling of Kinsman" Campaign. Our own old game. -

Maura to Osric:Psyche Drain

Lyta to Osric: Stone Bind

Maura to Osric: Now into the Storm.

(The Storm of Velusia was a place where people could be tossed, destroyed, and rendered down for their power, which was then parceled out, to the people doing the tossing. Power represented as Points for game sake.)

Grim Jack was trying to convince a veterinarian to tend to his injured dragon and was not having much luck getting passed the vet's fears.

Grim Jack to T'ren, his Dragon: You going to eat this guy?

G'ren (Not having caught the inflection of a question in the last comment as a question): Ok. (Consumes the Veterinarian)

Lyta, screaming hysterically (Robin screaming hysterically), grasping the Jewel of Judgment, plummeting from the top parapet of Castle Amber: "HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! RANDOM LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!

GM: You are falling.

Lyta: HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! RANDOM LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!HE LIED TO ME!?!!!?!!?!! HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! RANDOM LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!

GM: You are still falling.

Lyta:THE BASTARD LIED TO ME!!?!!!!?!! HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! HE LIED TO ME!!!!!?!!! RANDOM LIED TO ME!!!?!!!!!

GM: Lyta is still falling Robin! Lyta is ... still ... falling.

Lyta:HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!?!HE LIED TO ME?

GM: SPLAT........

Soon after the squished but not quite dead body of Lyta was recovered. Placed in the dungeons of Amber. And the game ended with her there.