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The Rabsan shadow system is a warlike collection of shadows with interlocking shadow trails and a patchwork of small regions with shifting alliances and strict rules of behavior.


Racially there are a few general physical standards.

  • While nearly all skin colors are known in Rabsan, white(Caucasian), white (albino),Blue, black or Greenish skins tones are most common.
  • Strong green teeth used for tearing and masticating raw meats.
  • A condition similar to albinism that causes bright red skin, teeth and hair. high tolerances to heat and cold. Lives in the 300 year range. Strength and endurance in the chaos ranking.
  • Hair colors vary but a Rabsan male generally goes either bald or white haired around 40 years old. Rabsen women do not go bald but go white haired around 50. Rabsan men often try to do service in Amber whne they are in their 40s out of vanity, hoping to be effected by the Aging in Amber effect. Women generally embrace the change in hair color.

Rabsan Life Cycle[edit]

The Rabsan are a two part species. They have a physical side and a Wathan side.

Physically a Rabsan lives approximately 60 years. They are robust until 55 years or so with some living well over 100 years.

The Rabsan have what they call a Wathan, essentially a soul or a mental matrix, that translates from a dying Rabdsan to a newborn Rabsan. While not every Rabsan has a transition experience they are common. A person remembering in time much of his previous life though rarely retaining national loyalties. A newborn with a transitioned wathan will start to remember previous lives as they reach adulthood. They have what they call a "Separation" to distinguish previous life to current life. {One might say, "I was Pale White skinned with gray hair before my last Separation"}

Transitioning of a Wathan is a complicated and personal matter. Approximately 20% of Rabsens each generation are Young Born, meaning they will not discover a Transitioned Wathan as they grow up however all Young Born transition after death. Suicides are not rare among Young Borns and occure in their 30s after it is clear they are not going to generate separated memories. .

It is not uncommon for them to make contact with previous friends, family, and associates though there is no legal rights of inheritance and much of their laws surround the issue of previous life debts, obligations and loyalties, stating that the physical death severs all obligations unless the individual takes them on personally. The Sepperation cleanly severs obligations

It is rare, but not unheard of, for a person with a transitioned wathan to have mixed loyalties if born in new nationalities but the great majority of them embrace the "Separation" and take the loyalties of their new birth realm.

Twelve Nations[edit]

Twelve nations make up the multiple shadows with regions, township, cities, counties, baronies, and duchies that trade allegiances on a regular basis. Each national capitol has a magical map that shows which region belongs to which nation and it changes as alliances change.

While there are a shifting number of royal lines and kingdoms they are all allies of Amber. None have any desire to rise to the status of royal domains or members of the Golden Circle or the Empire of Amber. They have an insular desire to remain separate and continue fighting among each other.

However, many of the realms supply troops to the Empire of Amber. The forces of Amber have something close to 3% of their military as native Rabsans. Rabsans have served as members of the General Staff, City Police, Elites, and other military duties, often for the 30 years required for an individual to gain citizenship in the Kingdom of Amber. One Legion[[1]] and one Fleet[[2]] of the Amber Military are specifically Rabsan

After such service they return to their own warlike enclaves in the Rebsan shadows where their military talents are put to use.

Rebsan Mandates[edit]

One clear mandate among Rabsan military dynasties and forces are four distinct guiding principles.

  • Collateral Damage is a waste of supplies:
    • Merchant activity is not a valid target.
    • Farming and industrial locations are not a valid target.
    • City Walls are inviolate. Sieges of civilian populations is not part of their military doctrine.
  • Royal and Noble titles are respected across battle lines.
    • Messengers or diplomats with a royal or noble sigil are not valid targets.
    • Civilians bearing the Scarf of Peace are not valid targets.
  • Wounded, Surrendered or Convalescent forces are not valid targets.
    • Prisoners of War are not valid targets.
    • Wounded person are not executed out of hand unless it is proven they broke the Mandates.
    • Parole is absolutely respected.
    • Surrender is accepted immediately
    • Cannibalism is only allowed of the honorable dead.
  • All Rabsan forces defer and respect the Kingdom of Amber. {Its is a point of pride and often a point fought over which nation is most loyal to Amber}

"Valid Target" is a very important term to the Rabsans

Scarf of Peace[edit]

Scarf of Peace:In general Rabsens do not consider civilians or those without arms as valid targets in military actions though this is not a hard rule and collateral casualties occur. However, the Scarf of Peace is a sign that an individual is declaring they are not engaged in military activities. The scarf is a green and white scarf worn in many ways. Turbans of Green and white are the most common. Green and white kerchiefs, and sashes are common as well. Because of this Green and white are never worn together in general native attire.

The Exception to the No Green & White rule is those who have served in the military of Amber may wear Green and White sigils, badges, uniform additions.

Planetary Conditions[edit]

A wide variety of natural laws apply in the shadows of Rabsen. In general physical laws are consistent. High Order Sorcery works as do Magery and Material Component based Wizardy