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BRN 626.jpeg
Name: BRN 626
High Concept: Unecessarily menacing hulking MedDroid
Trouble: Everyone died and I did not
Aspect: I have been told not to hurt some people
Aspect: Several versions of me
Aspect: Doctor Barel told me to keep on helping
Player: Timon

"Bernie" was an assistant medical droid on the Dreadnought and lost everyone to the Hive virus. The last act of his beloved Doctor Vanka Berel was to take the restraining bolts off Bernie. She may have already become insane but he prefers to think of it as her last kind act. She treated him as a person and an equal and he will never forget that. Around that time something important happened and there is a huge hole in his memory banks. He is aware that he was not always a medical droid: he is much too sturdily built for one and suspects he may have killed people, possibly lots of people. There may be memories but... he cannot access them and it bothers him deeply. He is determined to live up to Doctor Berel's estimation of him.


+4 Medic
+3 Physique Provoke
+2 Notice Shoot Knowledge Computing
+1 Engineering Empathy Will Athletics


Physical [1][2][3][4]

Mental [1][2][3]


Strength fighter

In a fight, what Bernie lacks in technique it makes up in sheer strength and physicality. It uses Physique instead of Fight when making a physical attack.


Because it is a hulking Droid Bernie can oppose physical attacks using Physique..

Doesn't shut up

While others provoke through threats and intimidation, Bernie uses quips, jokes, and insults to get under the skin of an adversary. When it creates an aspect related to getting getting someone really irritated, each free invocation is worth +3 instead of +2.


Medkit (is built into me)

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