Raiders of the Rim

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Scenario Overview[edit]

A motley party of adventurers in the Bajic Sector on the Outer Rim are drawn into the brewing confrontation between the Empire and the nascent Rebel Alliance, as crime syndicates and corporate dynasties jockey for advantage.

Helpful Resources[edit]

Mechanical Game Information[edit]

Active Characters[edit]

Player Character Race Core Concept Refresh Stress Notes
Llayne Baviander Markee Bimm Flamboyant Bimm Entrepreneur 2/2 Physical [][]; Mental [][][]
Timon BRN 626 Droid Unecessarily menacing hulking MedDroid 4/3 Physical [][][][]; Mental [][][]
Cpt Duck Aleria Candru Human (Alderaanian) Failed Padawan turned Spy for Hire 3/3 Physical [][][]; Mental [][][]
Archer Joth D'Argo Human Exiled Duelist 2/3 Physical [][]; Mental [][][][]
Squidheadjax Jaella Raad Zeltran Flashy Zeltran Racer 3/3 Physical [][][]; Mental [][][]
Malkavian Grin Just Bailey Human Teenage Technical Savant 3/3 Physical [][]; Mental [][][]

Important Places[edit]

Please note: Many place names refer to canonical locations in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, but details may vary... considerably.

Jibal System[edit]

  • Number of main worlds = 2
  • Primary businesses: Trade, salvage

Jibal II[edit]

System capital, advanced cloud-city culture inhabiting air-filled bubbles floating in thick corrosive atmosphere.

Jibal IV[edit]

Gas giant with vast ring of spaceship debris and derelicts dating back to Mandalorian Wars.

Teilcam System[edit]


Imperial garrison world. Capital city Eponte Spaceport, known for Drayhar's Cantina.

Important People[edit]

  • Kam Limmer, heir to the Third Board Seat of the House of Ororo Transportation, rich feckless playboy.
  • Arlo Vann (deceased), smuggler and petty criminal, your former patron.
  • Gombar Bitt, hard-bitten, grizzled old surface miner with a cranky, clanky crawler.

Story Episodes, Leads[edit]

  • Buswhacked in the Ring: Arlo Vann's light freighter the Easy Money is ambushed as you attempt to retrieve a mysterious cargo from a derelict space yacht in the Ring of Jibal II. Evading your pursuers, you take refuge among the Ring's derelicts.
  • It Dread inna Dreadnaught: Escaping to a vast wrecked Republican-era dreadnaught in the Ring, you find yourselves the guests of the Dreadnaughters, a motley tribe of indigenes and castaways. Your mysterious booty turns out to be a suspension pod containing Kam Limmer, heir to the Third Board Seat of the House of Ororo Transportation, a rich feckless playboy. The Dreadnaughters are only too ready to accept you as the embodiment of their ancient prophecies.
  • Move the Mountain, Mash the Monster: Your best chance of survival and escape appears to be to move the vast derelict and destroy the gigantic Verminoth patrolling this Ring segment. As you prepare for your heroic task, you encounter BRN-626 (Bernie), an unusually capable and occasionally truculent droid.
  • The Bubble Cities. Afloat above the clouds of Jibal II, oases above a hell-world.
  • Pressure Cooked. At the bottom of the baking, crushing atmosphere of Jibal II, you're crawling like bugs on a griddle to find the lost wreck of an escape pod belonging to your betrayers.
  • Palace Panic. Welcomed at the magnificent floating palace of House Limmer, you're treated to the spectacle of it plunging to its doom, as your patroness perishes amid the wreck of her family fortunes - or is it? Time to high-tail it out of the system in your new ship and evade this relentless, merciless pursuit.
  • "Time is short and the list of people who want to kill us is long." Racing against the clock, you've got to pick up your stash of loot from the dreadnaught and exit Jibalian space before your pursuers can catch up with you. Shame about that tracker beacon in the engine room...
  • Big Bid on the Booty. Unexpected developments in Drayhar's Cantina during an auction of your gravmat booty from the Dreadnaught leads you back into the sphere of House Limmer, and perhaps with powerful new patrons.
  • Setup at the Station. With Slugs. An expanded team seeks to infiltrate a Ugnaught-controlled mining station and hijack a strategic mining shipment.
  • Rather Risky Rescue Run. With your luckless Ortolan buddy held captive by Imperial Intelligence, it's time to bust him out before he spills the location of your secret base.
  • Messin' in the Mud. Courtesy of your discourteous new buddy Beep Weebit, it's off beyond the Outer Rim, to a mud puddle of a planet with interesting secrets stirring in its depths.