Redemption at Dusky Peak

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The wind sweeps the barren land, leaves the taste of silver and copper mine tailings, burning tongue and nose, stinging eyes. The Song of Destruction hums in the air, echoed and repeated in the howls of the tainted once-Wolves, who dog your trail, mocking.

Yet you can't help but grin, gums bleeding from the poisonous air, teeth lengthening, grinding - you can hear their fear.

The elders swore the Howlers are incapable of fear - too mad to have any sense left in their bones, happy to die to escape what they've become.

You beg to differ. You've seen their hate, as you collapsed their Wyrm-Caern, crushing all still left inside. You saw their agony, as you put a bullet through their brains.

And now? Now they fear, for you have come to Dusty Peak, ready to put down this Thing once and for all. The Storm-Eater, That-Which-Consumes-The-Heart; by the People's weaknesses it was losed, and now it's time to put it down.

As has been said to you by many in your travels - Needs Killin'.

And you aim to do it.

Redemption at Dusty Peak: a Werewolf: Wild West Chronicle, run by Kacie


  • Phelan Drake, homid Silver Fang Philodox, played by Loki Dodges-Their-Claws
  • Melquiades, homid Silent Strider Ragabash, played by tutunaku
  • SungLihua, homid Stargazer Galliard, played by Shawn Hagen
  • Jeremiah Taft, homid Bone Gnawer Ahroun, played by KreenWarrior
  • Ezekiel Madsen, homid Shadow Lord Theurge, played by mpascal02

NPCs, those Garou and others encountered by the players' pack.

Setting Details[edit]


House Rules[edit]

  • Characters are built with 20 Bonus Points, not 15.
  • Ability points aren't seperated by Talents/Skills/Knowledges; players have 27 points to spend where they see fit, rather than 13/9/5.
  • "Normal" difficulty is now 7. 1's do not subtract; botches happen only when you roll no successes AND a 1 is rolled. The list of combat maneuvers gets difficulty +1, basically.
  • 10's explode.