Rick Allen

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Permanent Passenger
First Episode 14
Concept Naturalist
Theme Song '
Played By Chris Pontius
Full Name Rick Allen
Legal Status No Criminal Record
Known Aliases None
Age 32
Birthplace Albion
Favored Weapon Throwing Knives


Born in 2487 Rick “The Alligator” Allen was fascinated with outdoor adventure at a young age. As he grew up he turned his passion for the outdoors and nature in to a focus of his studies by getting a Masters degree in Biology. Much of his research involved long treks into the woods to chart the movements of mammalian species. This tracking work made him a perfect candidate for alliance military recruitment. In 2505 he joined the Alliance and was trained as an advanced scout. During the war Rick was deployed to forested region of a Brown coat world and instructed to observe while trying to contact any Alliance sympathizers. For a time he secretly scouted the area making detailed maps and taking notes on the Brown Coat movements. While deep in the woods Rick realized that maybe everything Alliance folks were saying about the Brown Coats were wrong. Over time he began to respect the Brown Coats for their rustic way of life and decided that once the war was over he would try to explain to others what he had experienced first hand. Rick was never called to action, the war ended before he would have to chose between the Alliance and those he had began to respect from afar. Not everything turns out the way we want and Rick learned that the hard way. He convinced an Alliance backed company that ran shows on the Cortex to fund and produce a series of naturalist adventures with Rick as the host. The company insisted that the show be called Extreme Adventures. The first few episodes were Rick at his finest, showing viewers how to survive in the wild while minimizing damage to nature. These episodes received more viewers then expected and the company decided to milk it for all it was worth. Rick refused to have any part in the new direction of the show, which was to become him against nature. They wanted him to kill the creatures he loved in brutal hand to hand combat. Starting with plans to go to an Alligator preserve and wrestle with them later killing the animal so they could be stuffed and sold to “benefit” the show. Rick pretended to go along with the idea and was sent to the Alligator preserve were he coordinated, with a fringe group of naturalists, the removal of the animals during the night and shipped them to a swamp world that was better suited for the proliferation of the species. It was never clear what really happened during this time, but when Rick returned to the campsite after helping move the animals, everyone was dead. An extensive investigation by the Alliance cleared Rick of the crime, but left doubt in the minds of many. Though he believed that it was the company trying to discredit him before he had the chance to speak out against their animal practices, he had no proof. Rick left for the rim after the trial and decided to move to Lassak, the moon of Verbana. He had heard that it was going to be used as a nature preserve and would be the perfect place to observe the interactions of various animal species. Upon his arrival there was a large container waiting for him at the main port. The only markings said To Rick “The Alligator” Allen inside were two pigmy alligators. He knew that this incredible gift must have come from the group he had contacted to helped save the alligators. In his travel through the woods of Lassak Rick found several rare medicinal plants that he began to cultivate and store their seeds. Some of the plants yielded potent sleeping agents that he extracted and on rare occasion used for tranquilizing darts. Together with his pigmy alligators, Smudge and Evil Tick, Rick would try to learn more about the natural world and in the process more about him self.


Because of Rick’s military and graduate school training he is very focused on details. He likes to observe before making any actions. Rick prefers not to use deadly force, unless necessary, so he relies mainly on his tranquilizer rounds in combat. He will go out of his way to stop those who mistreat animals or nature.

Physical Description[edit]

Rick often wears a camo outfit along with a bush hat. Upon first glance you can tell the he is a vivacious person who is easy to talk to. After further inspection you will notice the hints of his military physique that he typically keeps hidden under baggy camouflage.

Miranda Cortexisodes[edit]

Colchester Wave[edit]

Character Sheet[edit]


  • Agility d8
  • Strength d10
  • Vitality d10
  • Alertness d8
  • Intelligence d6
  • Willpower d6

Advancement Points Earned/Spent: 97/93


  • Animal Handling d6
    • Zoology d8
  • Artistic d6
  • Athletics d6
  • Covert d6
    • Stealth d8
  • Discipline d2
  • Guns d6
    • Rifles d10
  • Heavy Weapons d2
  • Influence d4
  • Knowledge d4
  • Medical d2
  • Melee Weapons d6
  • Perception d6
    • Empathy d8
  • Performance d6
    • Showmanship d8
  • Pilot d2
  • Planetary Vehicles d4
  • Ranged d6
    • Throwing Knives d10
  • Scientific Expertise d6
    • Life Sciences d8
  • Survival d6
    • Land Survival d10
    • Tracking d8
  • Tech Engineering d2
  • Unarmed Combat d6


  • Good Name d4 [Rick is a popular defender of nature]
  • Highly Educated d6 (you get to add this to knowledge or memory checks about things you may have learned in school)
  • Nature Lover d6 (you get to add this to alertness and survival checks when out in nature)
  • Called Shot d4 (That's not a Robot!!! Good with knives)


  • Marked d4[Eco-Terrorist, Tree hugger]
  • Credo (Animal Friend) d6 (you subtract this from checks involving people who hurt animals, or against Willpower checks when you try to do it, or ignore it)
  • Overconfident d6 (you subtract this from willpower checks when trying to keep safe, or from intelligence checks when gauging probabilities of success).


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