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The Hapless Hero[edit]

Shieldmaiden of Rage

Stuck down by one of her closest friends, Riley died and was reborn. Now the towering divinity of Rage personified, she has left her mortal life far behind her. The transformation has scourged her - destroying parts of her soul she never knew she had, and filling all the cracks and fissures with its own, terrible power. Seeking to understand what she's lost and what she's gained, Riley strikes aimlessly at the enemies in front of her - searching for some meaning, and some purpose she can see and understand...


Mundane Skills
[3] Superior Hapless Heroics
[1] "Rest and food fix everything!"
[1] Skaldic Heart
[3] Shine
[2] Connection: Rage
[-1] Avoiding trouble

Will: 8/8

Miracle Points: 6/5

Refresh Tokens: 1

Health Levels and Wounds
Normal Levels: [   ][   ] 
Tough  Levels: [   ]
Divine Levels: [Bound God][   ]

Strifekind: Spearkind
Star-Splitter (and Star-Splitter Mk.II!)

General character notes.

Prior Events.

Arc Traits[edit]

Child of Ash (0)
Estate The Roaring Sea A malestrom of violent waters and active volcanoes; lands constantly swallowed by water and waves before erupting back to the surface in pillars of molent fire! Storms are forever sweeping across the seas, lightning and thunder raging overhead or in the distance. This is a place of struggle and strife - but also the burning will to survive! Because even here, in this place of heartless chaos, life springs eternal - sea birds squawk overhead, and plants grow as best they can on the oldest islands.
Mood Rage Riley is possessed by Rage in its purest form. She is smouldering anger, burning spite, uncontrolled devastation and icy hate.
Wicked Mode Valor Rage isn't always destructive. It is also the element of certainty. Of doing what must be done. Bravery, and righteousness are Rage contained, controlled and directed. Whenever Riley is preparing for a quest, getting ready to confront a challenge or setting out specifically to do heroism she can switch to her 'Wicked mode'.
Set the Mood Imperial Miracle Using Set the Mood, Riley's Arc mood will spread! Things around her become progressively more...Mood-filled. After a few minutes, this qualifies as a Region Property in the setting for this scene. This can also be invoked on a specific person who will have a moment of much of your mood as possible given the circumstances! 0 MP - given time, you can evoke a certain mood 4 MP - invoke this power with a word
[Mood]-Sploison Imperial Miracle Once per book, Riley may evoke her Arc Mood on a grand scale. This functions as a wish, albeit a specific one. The time it takes to invoke this effect is variable, but cosmetic - it never takes 'too long'. If 4 MP was spent to activate this, she can set the time frame herself, including 'instant'. 0 MP - 1/book, invoke a "[Mood]-Sploison" 4 MP - use this power a second or later time in a book
Kaiju Form Imperial Miracle Riley can let Rage overwhelm her body - drawing on its power, even as it threatens to consume her. Her blood becomes molten fire, blue flame pours from her eye and her hair glows red and orange with a raw, inner power. More than that, though, is the feeling that descends around her. Like the certainty of knowing a God - invisible and intangible - is in their temple, it feels as though a great and terrible monster has settled around Riley: as if unseeable and just out of sight...but for the occasional claw marks carved into solid stone, or the faint breathing of something large just behind you. 0 MP - become a kaiju over the course of several minutes 4 MP - become a kaiju instantly
Mortal Form Imperial Miracle Containing Rage - putting the genie back in the bottle - is a little harder than letting it out. Riley needs to get away from her friends at the end of a chapter - go somewhere quiet and unobserved. Regaining control might take her days on her own. In fact, for a while, it's so difficult that it might be worth having someone talk her back to normal as the resolution of an issue instead of paying the normal cost! 0 MP - 1/book, between two chapters, Riley can revert to her non-kaiju form. 1 MP - switch back a second or later time per book. 2 MP - switch back mid-chapter (over the course of a few minutes) 4 MP - assume her non-kaiju form instantly
Shed Scales Miraculous Action Riley is indifferent to scale. Her kaiju form can bat aside the fists of giants, punch through battleships, and more besides! Invoke Shed Scales to ignore a Size-Related obstacle up to her Arc's Trait rating. 0 MP - starting mid-scene, ignore a size related obstacle 1-2x/scene. 1 MP - starting mid-scene, do so an additional time. 2 MP - starting mid-scene, do so as often as necessary this scene. 4 MP - do so as often as you'd like this scene.
Immortality Miraculous action, major Riley is immune to damage that breaks her paradigm - essentially, she can only die or take an injury when and how it fits her character. For better or worse, when Immortality applies, any wound she takes fits itself to her native F/X and heals automatically between scenes (or mid-scene if MP is spent). Even if something is powerful enough to breach Riley's immortality, the resulting wounds will still heal incredibly quickly! Riley can be torn apart, dismembered, or even horrifically mutilated but she will remain alive despite the pain, and will heal despite everything saying she shouldn't. Unless she gives up. If Riley ever, ever gives up - loses sight of herself, falls to despair, and ceases to just keep fighting then...a weakness will appear in her Immortality, and she will be killable. 0 MP - damage or enchantment has only temporary effect on Riley. 1 MP - Riley can totally recover, and shrug everything off 1-2 times mind-scene 2 MP - starting mid-scene, Riley can shrug off all attacks and other effects like they're paper tigers 4 MP - Riley is unaffected by the world around her.

Mortal Aspect (1)
[2] Bond Rage beyond measure! Riley's rage is overpowering. It grants her strength beyond measure, and a will unequaled. Whenever her actions are driven, or warped by rage, she can overcome almost any obstacle.
[X] Affliction "There's no escaping destiny..." It isn’t looking like Riley’s heroic destiny will be a comfy ride. And some McArthur’s meet grisly ends vanquishing some nasty or another. Riley’s looks dark, imposing (maybe even important!) but…she can’t turn away.
Level-up! Moved from Arc 0 to Arc 1 Shine +1, Connection: Rage 1, moved a point from Rest and Food Fix Everything! to Connection: Rage.


Accessory (Star-Splitter): You can take a wound instead to protect Star-Splitter! This can work if someone tries to misuse it, destroy it or permanently take it away.

Bonus (Touch of Fate): Riley has a heroic destiny. 1/book, she can invoke this perk as a +3 Tool bonus for achieving something important to (or at least related to) her fate.

[1] Ayumu Mori Kindred spirit
[1] Lily Watanabe Bestest friend
[1] Lilith Ivanov Hijinks causing nemesis
[2] The McArthur's Family

Experience and Issues[edit]

General XP Actions
Sympathetic Action Try to comfort or reassure someone frozen up from emotion, the spotlight or shock!
Foreshadowing You notice that you’re paying a lot of attention to something.
Discovery You’re doing something you’ve never done, or exploring somewhere new and it impacts you!
Reaction Shot Something happens...react to it!
Ritual Participate or react to one.
Transition React to one.

Emotion XP: Aww!


Adventure Fantasy

Genre XP Actions
Science, Faith and Sorcery Come up with a theory about how something works and then test it out!
Decisive Action Decide to do something...decisively!
Wicked Action Decide to do something...that's wrong!
(Be in) Trouble Where something really scary is happening.

Bonus XP opportunity: Turn back!


On-going Issues
[0] Vice Despite everything, I'm still a hero...
[2] Hollow I...I'm not sure I am who I was.

Unspent XP: 0

Riley's seen thirteen winters - growing up on Little Island, where the days are always halcyon. She's a middle child in a large family; too large and too hectic. A good family, but one where you always have to fight for attention and where the much older or the much younger have the sway.

She loves to read, she enjoys cooking, likes cosy naps and can't help but help people. She's a hero! But she'd never admit that - went off that idea a long time ago. Even if avoiding that facet of herself is just a big lie. Even if avoiding it just makes her life miserable. Even if she can't avoid it. She still lies to herself.


Child of Ash 1

Her family missing, and Town slaughtered - Riley is left harrowed. Worse, her own inability to save them despite being 'the hero' is agonising and she is left, cold and alone, before the face of her Destiny. But, choosing to run no longer, she turns to confront it and in doing so invites the Serpent of Rage to sink its fangs deep into her heart...

XP: 0/72 Completed Quests

  • Down (reward - perk: accessory)
  • Refusal of the Call (reward - Bonus: Touch of Fate)
  • Taming the Untamed Wild (reward - rewrote bond)
  • Chibi: Lead a Normal Life (reward - refresh token)
  • Changes (reward - ???)
  • Otherwordly (reward - ???)


Can't Rest
Type of Quest: Chibi
XP: 7/10

Riley can't slow down, can't be at ease. As the newly crowned divinity of Rage, her heart's become a furnace she can scarcely control! Whenever Riley acknowledges that she won't stop, has to keep going, gotta push further or harder - when she just can't relax! - she gets 1xp toward this basic quest.

Type of Quest: Otherwordly (3)
XP: 23/23

Within you, the Serpent of Rage lies coiled around your heart. Its fangs sunk deep into the flesh of your core, filling you with anger, and hatred and murder...!

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • something horrific happens because of this quest
  • you have a climactic confrontation with your "other" self
  • something happens to tie the "other self" to one of your other active stories or quests

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • you have a dizzying vision of the enemy
  • wrestle with your sense of self
  • have an impossible encounter
  • deal with some relevant internal baggage
  • try to understand what's happening
  • suffer a bout of more general sickness/hallucination

Type of Quest: Otherwordly (1)
XP: 23/23

You are hatching like a chick - a nascent godling gaining form. You have already lost your mortality - what of your humanity?

The HG can award you 3 XP towards this quest when:

  • you have a traumatic transformation or dissociation scene in play, where your reality gets weird because your true nature is changing or revealing itself!
  • you see a confusing vision, nightmare or premonition of your, or someone else's, death
  • you meet and get the chance to help a mysterious child find their way

1/chapter, you can earn a bonus XP towards this quest when:

  • wrestling with/expressing nameless feelings of loss that make you act unnaturally
  • trying and failing to burn things, to light them on fire
  • getting confused about who or where you are
  • listening to stories about things that were lost when Jade Irinka died
  • talking with somebody about your destiny/nature and what it means
  • talking with somebody about why there's such a thing as death
  • dealing with annoyingly intrusive elements of physicality

-- ---


Riley's world is the Land of Flame and Rivers - a vast and endless landscape of fields separated by wide, rushing rivers. Some of the fields are burning, sending trails of smoke rising into the sky; the others seem to be quiet and serene.

Dream Planet[edit]

Riley sees nothing in her dreams, but her soul is pulled to Derse, the Dark World. Vicious, ruthless and hard - life on Derse is a bitter struggle. Something that will suit this budding hero well.

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