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A campaign focusing on the results of some kids from Town getting copies of SBURB.

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Story Summary[edit]

XP Pot - Book 3, Chapter 1[edit]

Previous Chapters

  • Matt - Slice of Life [Louie is Adorable]
  • Lilith - Decisive Action [After The Grist Horde!]
  • Matt - Foreshadowing [Heart and Time]
  • Lilith - Foreshadowing [The Danger of the Rider]


Prospit Dreamers[edit]

  • Fitzwilliam Gerald/aintAfraid, Mage of Void (As Played By JaeFru). [color=”#444444”]
  • Lilith Ivanov/teslaTerminus, Knight of Light (As Played By Count Dorku). [COLOR="#FF8C00"]
  • Matt Ritter/civilAdministrator, Seer of Space (As Played By Brontes). [COLOR="#006400"]

Derse Dreamers[edit]

  • Ayumu Mori/apocryphalPsychopomp, Heir of Doom (As Played By The Wyzard). [COLOR="#000000"]
  • Lily Watanabe/emotionalAsterisk, Witch of Hope (As Played By HeWhoSpeaksOfDarkness) [color="#DC143C"]
  • Riley McArthur/ace7egend, Shieldmaiden of Rage (As Played By Cannonball). [color=#2554C7]

Other Dreamers[edit]

Gone But Not Forgotten[edit]

Blank Chuubostuck Character Sheet[edit]

Storyline/Communal Quests[edit]

Plan Lily's Party[edit]

Matt has been appointed party planner for Lily's birthday.

[ X ][ X ][ X ]
[ X ][ X ][ X ]
[ X ][ X ][ X ]
[ X ][ X ][ X ]
[ X ][ X ][ X ]
[ X ][ X ][ X ]
[ X ][   ][   ]

Award 3 XP (up to 9 XP)

  • You help to define/establish (for the players, I mean) an important part of what this event will be about;
  • It’s hours before the event’s supposed to happen and nothing’s ready!
  • 0-3 days before the event, a huge problem comes up or remains! And then you solve it.

1/chapter XP:

  • planning the layout (of festival booths, stage props & lighting, etc.)
  • coming to consensus on the event’s biggest features (e.g., music, attractions)
  • preparing and rehearsing for things
  • constructing the things you’ll need (festival booths, props, costumes, &c.)
  • posting bills
  • getting people the equipment that they’ll need
  • dealing with completely goofy problems

IC Resources[edit]

(The following are all documents that the characters in the game have access to.)

XP Actions[edit]

  • Available to All PCs
    • Slice of Life, in which you experience and enjoy this strange world you are in;
    • Foreshadowing, in which some detail of it becomes particularly noteworthy to you;
    • Be In Trouble, in which the darkness of the world reaches out to overwhelm you;
    • Decisive Action, in which you take actions that cannot be taken back to fix things, and
    • Sympathetic Action, in which you reach out to comfort those who have been harmed.
  • Lilith
  • Matt
    • Suffer Trauma/Corruption
  • Sabine

Blank Quest Cards[edit]




Setups for Foreshadowing[edit]

Stable Time Loops[edit]