Rising in the West

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A game of play-by-post Exalted 2e, ST'd by SilentWayfaerer, set in the West.

Player Characters[edit]

  • Tya Adroit Lim, Dawn Caste Solar, played by OldKentuckyShark
  • Black Nehemiah, Zenith Caste Solar, played by τὸ κατέχον
  • Puukani, Night Caste Solar, played by Glyptodont
  • Driftwood, Twilight Caste Solar, played by Walker
  • Toben Shen, Changing Moon Caste Lunar, played by artifex

Non-Player Characters[edit]

Other Information[edit]

Character Creation and House Rules[edit]

  • This game uses Scroll of Errata, Ink Monkeys and Domino's Lunar Chargen rules
  • All characters begin with Resistance 1, Survival 2, Sail 1; Ox-Body Technique x1, and Salty-Dog Method.