River Valley Federation: Charlotte von Ribbeck

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Charlotte Tannhäuser von Ribbeck[edit]

The Magnificent Kotobuki - Emma.png
Hard Keen Calm Daring Stress XP
+3 +2 -2 +0 0/10 0
Triggers (cost) Vents
If you were wounded 1 Stress Take money from your estate for something frivolous.
If you were disobeyed... 1 Stress Insult the heritage of a comrade.
...but everything worked out 2 Stress Claim something that isn't yours.
If your plane was damaged 1 Stress Challenge somebody to a duel.
If you had to fight family 1 Stress Blame somebody else for your failures.
Go to the law with a complaint.
Comrades Trust? Familiar Vices
Garen Bauer Yes Drinking
Junius Walpurga Theatre & Music
Rini Hamann Yes
Mira Ananda Yes



Wealth: +1

As a Scion, Charlotte has an Estate: she is the nominal ruler of the town of Ribbeck and its associated people and industry. It is a Town in every sense of the word. Every routine, roll 2d10+Wealth. On a 16+ it gains +2 Wealth, on a miss it loses 1 Wealth (Max.5).

At any time, Charlotte can tap the resources of her Estate, reducing its Wealth by 1 to gain 10 thaler.

When you visit your Estate, you can give up to 15 thaler, equivalent goods, or do a pro bono job to increase its Wealth by 1, max. once per Routine. If the Estate hits -3 Wealth, they revolt.

The Finer Things (Core)[edit]

Every Routine, Charlotte must spend an additional Thaler on personal upkeep. If she does not, she takes 2 Stress. The second time she Breaks, cross this move out.

Glorious History[edit]

The power of your family name adds +1 to Charlotte's personal Combat Value. This move can only be learned by other characters if they are an Ace already.

Old Tales[edit]

When you tell a story of your family history, true or not, hold 1. When you follow or defy the lesson of that story, spend the hold for Advantage!

Entrusted (Intimacy)[edit]

When you hold those you care for close, figure out among your partners who takes charge. If it's you, add +1 to a Stat for the rest of the routine. If it's one of them, clear 2 Stress immediately.

If you use this move in the air, all of you get the benefits, though you should still figure it out!

Dog-fighter Mastery[edit]

[X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Victories: aircraft shot down, pilots surrendered or probable kills.

Riding the Edge (Core)[edit]

Your plane counts as having +5 Handling.

Personal Affects[edit]

Wealth: 1 Thaler

  • A beautifully crafted sword (Hits 2, Damage 3, AP 1, Range Melee) [One-Handed, Holstered]
  • A silvered breastplate (3 coverage, armour 2)
  • The key to my Clockwerk Attendant
  • Titles and deeds proving my identity as Charlotte Tannhäuser von Ribbeck!