Flying Circus: River Valley Federation

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Albatross Company[edit]

The Pilots[edit]

  • Charlotte von Ribbeck, the 19 year-old heiress of the Ribbeck family estate.
  • Garen Bauer, 18-year old defector/refugee from the Gothic Armies' engineer and aircraft reclamation corps.
  • Mira Ananda, 16-year old Skyborn princess of the ancient Ananda clan, on a wanderjahr among the groundpounders.
  • Junius Walpurga, 22-year old witch just trying to find a place for himself in the sky.
  • Rini Hamann, 30-year old Fischer Worker, building a better life for their family than was stolen from them.

Trust Tracker[edit]

Across is who you trust, down is who trusts you~
Garen Junius Mira Rini
Charlotte Yes Yes Yes
Garen Yes
Junius Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mira Yes
Rini Yes Yes Yes Yes