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Junius Walpurga[edit]

Junius walpurga.jpg
Hard Keen Calm Daring Wild Stress XP
-1 -2 +1 +4 +3 0/10 0
Triggers (cost) Vents
If you used magic violently 1 Stress Lose one of your Bonds.
If you failed your mission 1 Stress Wander out into the Wild.
If you missed a spell 1 Stress Hex somebody who has it coming.
If you faced down the fae 1 Stress Use yourself as a focus.
... and you lost 1 Stress Make an unwise pact with the fae.
If a comrade crashed 1 Stress Break a piece of needed technology.
If you were injured 2 Stress Call somebody out. Make it hurt.
... if you passed out 1 Stress
Comrades Trust? Familiar Vices
Garen Bauer Yes Casual Sex
Charlotte von Ribbeck Yes Stunt Flying
Rini Hamann Yes
Mira Ananda Yes



When you invest yourself in a person, place, or thing, come to a consensus with the player most responsible for it (or the GM) about the Nature of that thing, and take 1 Stress. You may now use it in magic as a focus. If an object of your bond is badly damaged, destroyed, or lost, take another Stress.

Start with a bond with yourself, your blood relatives, your existing lovers, and any elemental items you took as Assets.

As the Crow Flies[edit]

Sacrifice a focus of Air to imbue an item with the power of flight. It becomes a plane with a max speed of 5+Wild, a Thrust of 2, a Handling of 90 + 10 x Daring, 10 Authority, 2 Turn Bleed, and 2 Energy Loss. The ‘engine’ doesn’t have RPM or fuel. You are only hit on a critical, but all hits strike you, the only vital component.

Reach Out[edit]

You do not need to be physically touching your Focus. You only need to know where it is.

Out of Mind[edit]

When you shut off your engine or hide your face, you will pass unseen by anyone who hasn’t already spotted you.

Cast a Spell[edit]

When you cast a spell, hold your Focus, choose a Target, describe a spell based on an effect from the Focus’ Nature, and roll +Wild.

On a hit, the spell works. On an 11-15, the GM also chooses 1 Effect from the Target’s Nature to apply to you, beneficially or maliciously. When you cast with Blood, you take 1 Injury on a full success, 2 Injury on a partial, and 3 Injury on a miss. You may ask the GM to take something else, but it will always be worse.

When you cast as a ritual, it costs a great deal of time and materials, but any hit counts as a full success, and 11 or less counts as a partial hit.

Intimacy: Of Blood[edit]

When you share an intimate moment with with someone, gain a bond of Blood with them, in addition to the bond you may already have. If you already have a bond, take +3 forward to use them as a focus or target.

If you use this move in the air, the next time you use them as a Focus they are immune to the Injury from being used as a Focus.

Mastery: Slipstream[edit]

Slipstream Mastery None of this stuff matters if somebody shoots you dead.

Victories: Aircraft shot down, crashed, or lured to their destruction.

Tables have Turned[edit]

In Dogfight! you can use Keen to turn the tables on your attacker (normally +Daring), and Daring to go on the offensive (normally +Hard).

When you Draw a Bead, you can opt to take G-force equal to Speed factor rather than a Hard Move.

Personal Affects[edit]

Cash: 3þ


  • A vial of pure spring Water
  • An ember pendant, imbued with Fire
  • A feather from a beast of the Air


  • Gismo, my cat familiar
  • a broom, not yet magical
  • an esoteric map to a mythical place