Rogue Trader: Into the Unknown

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This is the wiki page for my Rogue Trader: Into the Unknown game.

The recent discovery of what appears to be a stable wormhole has opened the opportunity for profit. The Imperium is focused on building up fortifications and defenses on their side of the wormhole and is leaving the unexplored end to those willing to brave the unknown. They are asking ambitious rogue traders to begin exploring the unknown region and to establish an Imperial presence.

This is going to be a RT game focused on colonization and exploration of unknown space. It's a high-risk, high-reward game.

Recruitment Thread:

Cast and Crew[edit]

Assets and Inventory[edit]

List all assets here that are shared by the group. Items/gear go on your sheet, this section is more for the big things like the ship and anything which affects Profit Factor.


House Rules[edit]

Books: Core Rulebook, Stars of Inequity, Faith and Coin, Battlefleet Koronus, Into the Storm. Gear allowed from other 40k books as mentioned below.

Character Creation: Point buy as outlined on p14 of the rulebook.

Path of Origin: You do not have to select from the boxes directly below/adjacent from your path (i.e. you could be a Void Born Savant who is Tainted, for example).

Path of Origin Intersections: Not required. We will work out how everybody knows each other. If we have intersections that makes it easier but I don't want to force people to go with specific origin choices just so they have some way of knowing people.

Psychic Disciplines: All psykers (including Astropaths) may chose Disciplines from Dark Heresy 2, however Astropaths in particular must start with the Telepathy discipline from the RT book as their first discipline.

Gear: I am willing to allow gear from the other 40k books (Dark Heresy, Only War, etc). We might need to modify the stats on them to make them align with RT but it is an option if you want something from these other books.

Expected Posting Frequency: I would like a minimum of 3-4 posts per week per player. More is better but I think that is a reasonable expectation.