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The great Waymet headquarters, the Rue Katal, is between Amber and Mandalay.


The Rue Katal was a massive governmental center and luxury resort in a shadow which prides itself on its efficiency and its hedonism. It was the planetary capital of The Allied Regions of Gasal Katal.

The Allied Regions of Gasal Katal rested on a massive planetary road crossing the gigantic continent spanning a massive planet. 8000 miles east to west at the Tropic of Cancer. A billion and a half people on the continent in a early computer age, with one working doctrine for their lives and business; He who makes the most people happy will make the most money. Their entire industrial and agricultural industries are aimed at efficiency, productivity, and availability. Each region has its specialty. Three billion people lived in other parts of the world in small islands in the Greenland size range and smaller.

The nation itself has nearly a thousand years of peaceful interactions and had lost interest in combat games and conflict negotiation styles. The Rue Katal itself was the center of a massive cooperative administrative center.

During the Black Road War the planet was crossed by a section of Black Road and it might well have proved doom for the planet. But a world down the road shortly, Artriesta, was a warrior & wizard world that took their war against Chaos down the road, west of Rue Katal. The Grand Consortium of Rue Katal marshaled their material powers and provided food, weapons, and war materials to their sword and spell wielding defenders. After the war the cross-shadow trails that had gone through Artriesta created more profitable branches through Rue Katal. The Rue Des Mondes developed as a commercial district dealing with cross-shadow trade.

Rue Des Mondes[edit]

Five major shadowtrails joined Gasal Katal after the Black Road War. It provided a vast commercial district that traded in native merchandise and products from across thousands of shadows. Microcircutry, high tech appliances and conveniences, and computerized vehicles could be found here and were often traded for magical artwork, potions, magical viewing devices and the services of wizards.

The blending of technologies was interesting entertaining, enlightening, and moderately disruptive. But a far greater disruption was soon to come with the creation of The Jeweled Road.

Coming of the Jeweled Road[edit]

Rue Katal was fairly deep in shadow, out of the Amber Sway, and closer to the center of shadow where wild things occurred and hard to believe things worked. It was a world that worshiped nature, sustainable industry, and peaceful interactions.

When Mandalay was created the forces and concepts of creation sought places that fit the nature and peaceful interactions mindset of its creators. Rue Katal was a natural.

The massive transcontinental road donated 400 miles in the middle for a segment of the main road. It also donated 100 miles on 5 separate crossing routes into shadow for the smaller roadways.

It also donated nearby complex of buildings with almost a 10000 rooms spread among dozens of massive buildings. Adjacent to the jeweled road was almost a square mile of parking area for hard surface parking. Across the road was a 3 square mile lightly wooded parkland with open fields that the road took over for camping and animal traffic.

These properties was not actually donated so much as consumed and renovated by the forces of revision as the Mark of Mandalay changed billions of shadow realms.

In time as elements of the Mandalay Sway solidified the Rue Katal facility began being used as an administration area. While there is no official Waymet organization it developed that those with issues concerning portions of the Road began developing. Informal courts, at first, and then the Great Court of Appeals. Mediation experts. Merchant Caravan Guards. Many guilds located offices here. The kingdoms of Amber, Rebma, Mandalay, and the Courts of Chaos maintain offices and military elements here.

Kingdom in Transition[edit]

As time has gone on the kingdom of Gasal Katal has benefited from its many associations. While it is not technically a member of the Mandalay Green Pact it does have extremely close political ties with Mandalay and it is assumed that one day they will sign on the Green Line.

Courts Formal & Courts Informal[edit]

The Courts Formal & Courts Informal are an ancient tradition that has been brought to conflicts on the Jeweled Road. These are for mostly civil disputes, not criminal disputes.

These are a judicial procedures for settling disputes. The difference between the two courts is based on the level of likelihood that participants in an issue can settle the issue among themselves. If the participants in an issue agree that they can come to an agreement on an equitable settlement of the topic the issue is managed under the procedures of the Court Informal. If eventually the participants in an issue decided they can not agree on an issue after efforts in the Court Informal then the matter is taken up under the rules of the Courts Formal.

A Judge Informal is a mediator who helps participants in an issue to settle the matter in a reasonably short amount of time. A certified Judge Informal functions as a mediator, justice of the peace, notary republic, and function as a lawyer in writing wills, testaments, estate planning and property issues.

A Judge Formal is a judge who oversees issues unable to be settled by Judge Informals. JF act much like circuit judges. Generally independent, they make judgments on issues that participants have agreed they could not settle among themselves.

Notables in Rue Katal[edit]

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A well-known Judge Formal and Informal.