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The Jeweled Road-A construct in the Jeweled Amber campaign Jeweled road1.gif

Creation of the Jeweled Road[edit]

Several factors came together to create the Jeweled Road. It was a side effect that surprised even its creator.

The Jeweled Road is a massive construct stretching from Amber to Chaos. At the creation of Mandalay, by Adrian and Ygg, a vast number of shadow trails, commercial routes and highways throughout shadow were thrown into massive renovations. This process was sudden and effected in many manners. In some shadows the effect was a gradually change and in others a dramatically violent one. In the end though many pathways between worlds were combined into the road that crossed many shadow realms as the forces of change swept east and west.

At the time of the mark's creation Amber was also nearly finished with a massive re-pavement and upgrading of services project in amber featuring the creation of an extensive sewer project, running water plumbing and resurfacing of the streets and highways of amber with puzzled stone. All the streets of Amber were now covered by puzzled stone well out into shadow and as far as Diaga. The road project had included installing sewers, indoor plumbing, water systesm using a company Random found in shadow called Mole Co which ran digging moles to create tunnels and pipelines beneath the surface. It also constructed and laid the secure roadway in remarkable speed.


Suddenly the road came into existence as an act of creation and shadow reverberation. It combined elements of both Amber and Mandalay. One one side donated the structure of the road. Stone, structure, drainage, durability. The other provided the colors, mutability, and the collaberation of pathways.

Thus a road 100' wide now extended from the city of Amber to the Fane of Zilla. Nice trick.

Appearance and Structure[edit]

Jeweledroad.jpg The size and shape of the road varies depending on how much it is traveled. A function of its creation has it grow and shrink.

  • The main road is 100' wide with side roads usually in the 40' wide range. Some trails are as small as 10' wide.
  • Structurally they are similar roman road construction. A base of sand covered by two levels of crushed stone. The top surface is of stone colored in one of five colors;Purple, red, green, blue & yellow. This matches the 5 primal stones used in the creation of Mandalay and it 5 power stones.

The road can be traveled from Amber to Mandalay in 10 days. From Mandalay to Chaos in 5 days. It takes 2 days to clear Mandalay. A very good trick indeed.

Political Organization of the Jeweled Road[edit]

Since the road itself is generally speaking, a new thing in shadow there is little formal organization of the road. Neither Chaos, Amber, Mandalay, Regor, Azcala, or other primal realms connected to the road has laid a formal claim of possession on the whole road. Each of them has some influence over sections of the road directly connected to them. Otherwise sections of Jeweled Road fall under the influence of local groups.

Rue Katal is the large of the autonomous Jeweled Road Organizations and has a great deal of sway over the others.


Waymets are essentially hotels and hostels along the route of the Jeweled Road. They vary from place to place with a few general similarities.

  • In general a waymet is longer then it is deep. The smallest of them is 50' by 25'. There are millions in this size catalog. The greatest, the Rue Katal, is 250 miles long and 75 deep. The average size is 1 mile in length and half a mile in depth.
  • There is always a water source.
  • There is nearly always provender for beast. Most wayments have wild foliage around them, since Mandalay was involved in the roads creation. Often there are surrounding orchards, crops, gardens, fields and other kinds of available produce. Hay, and greener for animals are usually available.
  • Most Waymets have some form of housing. While these might be simple as tents or pavilions, the manner in which the road was created, gathering together chunks of existing roads throughout shadow, means that sections that already had some kind of inn were often included.
  • While general environment of the surrounding area influences the waytmet and the Jeweled Road it generally i inhabitable by most air breathing creatures.

Famous Waymets[edit]

Other Information[edit]

Mark of Creation-Manadaly

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