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Alak Sar

Alak Sar.jpg

A Dreanan Blue.[[1]] Serious, unnervingly quiet, efficient. Skilled at stalking and evasion. A Grand Champion Winner of the Pa D'armes Tourney during the New Year City Celebration (A Civilian Arms Event). Distinguished herself in battles on Deiga, Caratin, At the White Fall Battle at Diega Raks on the Jeweled Road, and while on duty in the City of Wall. Served in the Amber Embassy in the city of Wall, Tosa.

  • Uses the Tosian term "Agda", in reference to her knighthood[[2]] received while on Embassy duty in battle defending a Princess of Wall.
  • Known for her use of Rearden Armor. It was a gift from the House of Korag.
  • Recently promoted Corporal of Elites, after 10 years of Embassy duty in the City of Wall, capital of the Kingdom of Tosa.
  • Currently on protective services detail to Carissa ak Gerard
  • Married Rede Feldane[[3]]. HAs a son named


  • Knight of Amber.Fourth Class (Sergent).
  • Knights of the Elites
  • "Agda" Knight of Wall-Fifth Class-Awarded for Valor in Battle for the Kingdom of Wall. Knighted by Duke Dolki Fairhand


Total: 23(44)=0 Stats +1 Powers +7 Skills +11(32) Items +0/0 allies/Enemies +4 Stuff


  • Psyche: Chaos Rank (+10)-Born in Dreana
  • Strength: 4
  • Endurance: 1
  • Warfare: 5

(4 GS working toward Amber Psyche)


  • 1 Cantrips


  • 2 Shadow Magic-Tosa
  • 1-Dolkian Battle Katas. Blade and Archery
  • 1 Horsemanship. (Fond of Dottles)
  • 1 Games of Skill. Throwing games.
  • 1 Card-games and card magic
  • 1 mimicry

Allies & Enemies[edit]


  • 1 Unknown Ally
  • 1 Unknown Ally


  • 1 Enemy-Tosa
  • 1 Enemy-Diego Raks


  • Tot-10 (31)
    • 6 Dolkian Blade(Granted)
    • 15 Dolkian Great Bow & Quiver (Granted)
    • 5 NP Blade
    • 6 Rearden Half-Plate

Dolkian Blade[edit]

  • Dolkian Style Katana (Granted)
  • Tot-6
    • 4} Deadly Damage
    • 1}Rack a spell-Ink Wound
    • 1}Rack Spell-Return to hand

Dolkian Great Bow and Quiver[edit]

  • tot-15 (Granted)
  • Bow
    • 2 Vs Gun
    • 1 Alt Form-Broach
  • Quiver & 10 Arrows
    • 2 Double Speed
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 4 N/N
    • 1 Alt Form-Broach
    • 1 Rack & Use-Return to Quiver
      • While the Quiver comes with 10 specific arrows, it will hold 50. Arrows in the quiver, over time, will come to match the 10 magical arrows but will lose those powers if separated for a significant amount of time. The included 10 are nearly indestructible and may be used as a melee weapon.

NP Blade[edit]

  • (5)NP Graduate Blade:
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 1 Rack a Spell-Return to Wielder

Rearden Half-Plate[edit]

  • tot-6 A gift, but not Granted
    • 4-Invulnerable
    • 1-Self-heal
    • 1-Alt Form-Bracer


  • 4 Good Stuff (toward upgrading Psyche)


  • Attended Fantalin- year Course
  • Attended Nasty Place
  • Attended Dolkian Stable Scholars
  • Studied Magic in the Wizard School at Fairhand's Folly
  • Studied Weapons Kata at the Dolkian Great Hall
  • Holds the Rank of Warrior at the Gesheka Games