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Sir Carston Brak

Carston Brak.jpg




Description:Soldierly appearance of Tosian origin. Inkvine scars.



  • Knight of Wall
  • Knight of Amber-Graduate of Rasak.
  • Commander without Portfolio, CHAD Main Force Legions


Total: = Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + Stuff +Storage

  • in Stats
  • x (x) in Powers
  • in Skills
  • (x) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • Stuff


  • 15 pips In Service to Lord Realmer in Adagalasak
    • 10 pips Raising Chaos Psyche to Amber Psyche
    • 2 pips Strength
    • 3 Pips- Basic Concord- Adagalasck Imprint. (20th Mage-Adag... Abilities)
  • 5 Pips-Rasak
    • 4 pips-Warfare
    • 1 Pip-Psyche


  • Psyche: 1
  • Strength:5
  • Endurance:5
  • Warfare:9

Powers {4}[edit]

  • (30) SPIRAL OF THE FOUR WINDS Basic Imprint (Granted - Julian)
    • Ability to enter Stairs and lead others on them
    • Ability to create holographic Trump Images with a glass sphere
    • Basic Concord: Up to 20th lvl Warlock Low Order Magic
    • Ability to use Tomes of the Stairs
    • Ability to Call a Wind of Force: Warm West Wind
  • 1 Cantrips (10)
  • 3(3) Advanced Concord of Adagalasck. (40th lvl mage. Other Adagalasck related abilities.)(3 Pips from Realmer)

Skills {10}[edit]

  • 3 Horsemanship
  • 2 Armor Repair
  • 2 Campaigner Skills-Camp Cooking, Camping Survival
  • 1 Jousting and Chivalric Combat
  • 1 Wilderness Survival
  • 1 Games of Chance
  • 1 Diplomacy
  • 1 Geography

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]






  • Employed by Lord Realmer
    • Member of CHAD

Items {}[edit]

Rearden Blade of Wall[edit]


A gift at his knighting.

    • 4 pip Deadly Damage
    • 2 Double Speed due to metal lightness.
    • 1 Pip Combat training specific to this blade.
    • 1 Pip Stamina. blade's lightness and custom design causes it to wear on Carston's stamina less.

Micholtian Bow[edit]

    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 2 Double Speed-Due to bow's ease of movement.
    • Carston Carries 40 Micholtian long yards. (Crafted to +2 Arrows)

Confian Wall Backpack[edit]

    • An expensive but extremely well designed campaigner backpack. Designed to hold 4 sqr feet of supplies in the main compartment, has 2 secondary compartments each holding 1 sqr foot, various smaller pouches, Straps, rings and loops for many uses. Hardened leather frame. 4 open ended cloth tubes are on the bottom of the pack and are used to stuff cloaks, blankets and sleeping gear. Most designs incorporate loops, sheathes and packing tubes allowing quick draw of military weaponry.
    • Confian packs are frequently customized but in general are designed to be covered and allow the wearer to disguise what they are carrying. Additional Pouches and straps are designed to pack armor efficiently around the pack to balance the weight to the owner.
    • Carston's pack incorporate quick-draw sheaths for nearly a dozen fighting knives, a pair of arming short swords and a breakaway velcro straps for packing his bow and arrows. It also hides sheaths for two .55 caliber automatic handguns.

Adledross Marshal's Baton[edit]


  • 2 Double damage
  • 1 Ability-Stun
  • 1 Abilty-call to Hand

Magically prepared to be improved on.

.55 Cal Automatics[edit]

  • 2 Mac Weapon Shoppe .55 cal automatics. 15 round clip. Recoil Release. Mac's Bar

Wall Munitions Grade Equipment[edit]

  • Wall Munitions grade Chainmail (Common Wall Soldier's Gear)
    • Extremely well made Chain, made by master Crafters at Wall.
    • 1 pip Vs Weapons (Crafted to +2 Chain)
  • Wall Munitions grade Articulated Plate.(Common Wall Soldier's Gear)
    • Upper body articulated plate. 4 lame articulate Knee Plate. Worn over knee length Chainmail.
    • 1 Pip Vs Weapons (Crafted to +2 Plate)
  • Wall Military Walking boots-Red Dragon Hide.(Expensive Wall Soldier's Gear)
    • Thigh High, allowing the Knee Plate to attach to them or to be worn with the top folded down.
    • 1 pip-Double Stamina. Extremely well made to be light and not impact endurance despite stability and durability.
    • 1 pip Vs Weapons-Actually protection from fire and heat. Wearers can walk on lava and be unaffected by fire and heat on their feet. Motly they use them to walk on fire.


  • 1 Pip Bad Stuff


  • Despite soldiering on Tosa, a world rich in highly crafted and magical equipment, Carston tends toward good quality munitions grade crafted armor and weapons. This tendency is common among the soldiers of Tosa where warriors who depend on magic equipment and artifacts, as many adventurer soldiers do, can find themselves disarmed and disadvantaged on the warfield where battlefield magics can destroy valuable magical items.