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Welcome to Shit City! Enjoy your stay.[edit]

This is the wikipage and repository of Serious Informations about the characters and situations of an [Apocalypse World] PbP game. Ongoing thread adventures can be found [here] (in-character) and [here] (out-of-character). Format unapologetically ghosted from Danny_K's own AW game wikipage.

You can hop on over to the Characters page to check out all the moves and other dope. A Visuals page has a couple maps.

Current Character Status[edit]

Character Barter Harm XP-mark Highlighted Stats
Hammer 1 1 1 Cool, Hard
Wakeman 1 0 4 Sharp,Hard

Wakeman's Excellent Table Of Less Fucking Confusion!

Names! Hammer xx xx
Stuff +1 -- --

Hammer's Remarkable Table of People With Whom He Routinely Has Hx

Names! Wakeman xx xx
Stuff +2 -- --