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Fearless Joe[edit]


Player: James Holloway
Secret Identity: Joseph Jackson
Powers: Superhuman strength and endurance
SPARTAn contact: Gangbuster.

Character Sheet[edit]

Average Guy

Older brother

Personal Set
The gym of the SPARCs headquarters is where Joe feels most comfortable, and where he goes when he needs to unwind or take his mind off his troubles by bench-pressing a dump truck.

Issue: Fitting In.

Original Story Arc: 3 1 2 2 1 2

New Story Arc: 3 1 2 2


"Fearless" Joe Jackson first came to the attention of the Super Powers Agency when SPA Response Team Alpha member Gangbuster followed reports of a cyborg paramilitary cell to Davenport, Iowa. There she found a young man with superhuman strength and endurance already battling the vicious robot fanatics in the middle of Centennial Bridge. Gangbuster's intervention turned the tide, and once the villains were handed off to the authorities she confronted the teenage powerhouse.

Fearless Joe, it transpired, had been using his extraordinary abilities to protect the citizens of the Quad Cities for around a year. Gangbuster, believing that Joe needed training and confidence-building, recommended that he be offered a position in the Super Powers Agency Reserve Cadets, or SPARCs. Joe's parents urged him to accept, although it meant leaving home to study with his new teammates.

As SPARCs! Season One opens, Joe is just about to arrive at the Cadet base, full of trepidation about what he will find.


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