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Super Powers Agency Response Team Alpha, or SPARTA, is the flagship emergency response unit of the world's foremost organization of superhumans. The SPARTAns, as they are commonly known, use their abilities to fight crime, provide assistance at major accidents or natural disasters, and protect communities all over the globe. They are particularly concerned with responding to threats from other superhumans.

In SPARCs!, the SPARTAns appear mainly through their patronage of the Super Powers Agency Reserve Cadets, or SPARCs. Some SPARTAns have a close personal relationship with a Cadet; others take a more hands-off approach. The team members who have so far appeared in SPARCs! episodes or background material are:

American Vigilante[edit]

This patriotic superhero was killed some years ago by supervillains Mistress Gravity and Doktor Krieg. SPARTA launched a search for the two villains, who went to ground and have not been seen since. SPARCs team member Vigil wears a costume reminiscent of the American Vigilante's, and is widely believed to be his daughter or other successor.


Wealthy philanthropist Daniel Stone is the Exemplar, who battles evil using his heightened reflexes and control over the bio-electric systems of the human body. For several years, Exemplar was accompanied by a teenaged sidekick, Whizz Kid. Recently, Whizz Kid and his mentor parted ways when young Joel Archer discovered that he was not an orphan at all but actually a perfect clone of the Exemplar. Archer is now a member of SPARCs as Livewire.


Little is known about the warrior woman who calls herself Fury. Clad in dully gleaming armor and equipped with a variety of weapons, this towering figure can always be found where the fighting is thickest, seeking the glory only victory can bring. Fury was initially opposed to the formation of the SPARCs program, and remains one of its most outspoken critics.


The mysterious woman known as Gangbuster is the scourge of America's underworld. Combining first-rate detective skills and a bewildering array of gadgets and martial arts, Gangbuster manages to hold her own alongside her SPARTAn teammates without any apparent superhuman powers. Based in Chicago, Gangbuster feels a special responsibility to America's industrial midwest. She sponsors SPARCs member Fearless Joe.


Zen warrior and secular saint, the Swami uses his mental and physical powers to help humanity along its hard road to enlightenment. In addition to perfect control over his own mind and body, the Swami is able to manipulate objects and electrical currents by simply realizing that he is one with the universe. As his successor, the Swami adopted a Bangladeshi war orphan, whom he called "Little Flower." She prefers to be known as Mystic Girl. He is also the sponsor of SPARCs member Vigil, the successor of fallen comrade the American Vigilante.

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