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Player: TonyLB
Secret Identity: Sarah Graves
Powers: Superhuman strength, ?gravity control
SPARTAn contact: The Swami

Character Sheet[edit]

Built for a more powerful world
Villainous Upbringing

The Swami

Personal Set
The Heavy Room: As part of their plan to give their daughter every possible advantage, Mistress Gravity and Doktor Krieg raised her from birth in an artificial 20G environment. Sarah, of course, adapted ... hence her inhuman strength. The only other person who can casually enter Sarah's room is her mother (isn't that always the way?) whose gravity control powers keep her quite comfortable. Others need to wear specially designed suits to resist the effects of crushing weight.

Other than the fact that everything is built close to the floor, the room is reasonably typical for a teenage girl. Posters are bolted to the walls, and the hyper-foam futon is littered with very flat, sad-looking stuffed animals. The question of whether her father will build her a specially reinforced television is a recurring source of contention in the family, but of course she has the things her parents think she should have, like a computer (prominent) and a science lab (shoved back in one corner).

Issue: Double Life.

Original Story Arc: 1 2 3 1 2 2

New Story Arc: 1 2 3 2



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